– How to get the highest possible GRE score? Along with the practice, you need to practice how to learn GRE vocabulary effectively?

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How to learn GRE vocabulary effectively?

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  • Must learn words in context, through exercises, through topics. Only learning words without applying, not reviewing the next day, a few days later you will see “strange”.
  • When learning vocabulary, check the dictionary to understand the use of words, list out their meaning, help you apply in writing.
  • GRE has both difficult word ratio so you have to follow the list, especially GRE High Frequency includes words that usually do not appear much in the text, but very common variations in the text.
  • Learning vocabulary with flashcards and applying them right away will help you remember as many things as possible.
  • Reading books, watching movies, taking notes on keywords through many sources is also a way to learn common words, and bring high efficiency.

How should prepare for the GRE test?

You should prepare for the GRE test about 1 year in advance because you have to start by learning new words, then slowly becoming familiar with the exam format and practice problem-solving. The longer the process of studying for the GRE is, the more distracting and energy-consuming it is, so it is necessary to study with high intensity and finish the test.

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Just register for the exam, study hard, and take the exam. If you do not get the desired score, plow again, take the test again next time. GRE results include Quantitative and Verbal scores, so you will need to time these two sections equally.

However, you always need to have a fair amount of vocabulary in order to start practicing. That is why you must definitely master how to learn GRE vocabulary effectively. To get the highest GRE results, you can register for exams before practice to create pressure and arrange a time for scientific and intensive study.

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