– Upon discussing how to achieve a high score in GMAT, many “veterans” may have a flashback about their Verbal test. They will mostly say that they met difficulties in learning GMAT vocabulary, so what are those difficulties?

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Is GMAT really hard?

The “difficulty” in GMAT exam can be explained with this example: On test day, you encounter a question that seems impossible to solve by your ability, and yet other students get it right in record time. This means that question wouldn’t be considered difficult by GMAT, but for you it’s exceptional. That’s why the concept of difficulty in GMAT is rather objective.

Students need to remember that GMAT is not “hard”, GMAT is tricky. The difference between the two is that the GMAT exam doesn’t include any material that wasn’t covered in a standard high school curriculum. The reason for this is to put students on as even a footing as possible.

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Difficulties in learning GMAT vocabulary

In GMAT exams, they usually use simple materials and knowledge to make rather tricky and confusing questions to bewilder students. One of the main factors that contribute to the difficulty of GMAT is the time. A limited time is given to you each question, which you have to abide by, can deal you a large amount of pressure on your mental focus while doing the exam. It would be rather easy for everyone if there weren’t any time limitation, as everybody would achieve higher results in the GMAT. This is why time management in the GMAT is a crucial aspect in order to pass the GMAT with flying color.

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Another important factor making the GMAT Verbal test rather tricky is that most of the answers are vague. Many answer options can be deceiving, making you focus in the wrong direction, causing students to waste a significant time to choose between two wrong answers. Verbal questions in GMAT, like most of the knowledge in the Quantitative section, include knowledge and topics that aren’t difficult for students to get familiar with. However, the questions designed from that knowledge will be much trickier and more advanced.

Aside from the factors above, there are other difficulties in learning GMAT vocabulary that can cause great distraught to students when they encounter the Verbal test in GMAT:

  • Not comfortable with taking standardized tests.
  • Being away from academics for too long.
  • Test-taking anxiety.

All of the reasons mentioned above can affect less to more your GMAT result and only with careful preparation will you be able to stand your ground on your way to conquer the exam.

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