– GRE has two testing formats, which are GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. So, what are the advantages of GRE Subject Test certificate brings to the student?

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Overview of GRE test formats

GRE test has two formats:

  • General Test: The test appraises student’s ability by 4 sections: Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing, Unidentified.
  • Subject Test: The test focuses on specialized subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Literature in English.

There are half a million people participating in the GRE General Test annually, but only a small percentage takes the GRE Subject Test, even though the advantages of GRE Subject Test certificate can bring to these students is countless.

GRE Subject Test only offers certain benefits, for this reason, students often choose 2 subjects relevant to their major for the GRE Subject Test which demonstrates the readiness of the student’s clear plan and their ability through the treacherous MA process ahead.

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The advantages of GRE Subject Test certificate

GRE Subject Test is a paper test organized 3 times each year worldwide. Different from the GRE General Test, the GRE Subject Test can help you stand out from all other examinees because it focuses on the specialized knowledge and your skill level in a specific subject relevant to your college major. Therefore, a student who has GRE General and GRE Subject certificate will have a higher evaluation than other GRE test takers.

Subject Test helps us to measure the comprehensible ability of all the university knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology. In order to determine which format is the most suitable, you have to refer to the curriculum in which you are going to register. For a field of study which doesn’t require a major subject then the GRE General Test is much more suitable.

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The importance of the GRE Subject Test in the admission process can vary from university to university and even the postgraduate program in the same school. It’s necessary to contact the admission board of the school, which you want to register and research on their enrolling requirement. First-rate universities or scholarship programs often demand the GRE Subject Test along with GRE General Test as one of their criterion for MA admission.

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