– GRE test is student’s target who plans to learn higher at university and with student who want to study their specialized major will choose GRE General or GRE Subject? Which are the GRE Subject useful materials for students to learn well?

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Should choose GRE General or GRE Subject?

As you know about the GRE test used to appreciate a candidate’s ability based on the result in university and the test will be done on a computer, GRE General and GRE Subject are two types so if you want to learn about your specialized major after graduated, which is the best test for you to choose?

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  • GRE General is a test to appreciate a candidate’s ability who applied to upgrade to learn the program after graduating, it will be done on the computer. GRE General includes 3 parts: Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing, these parts of this test are not based on any topic just used the result to appreciate.
  • GRE Subject is a test for candidates who applied to learn a specialized major after graduated. GRE Subject includes 8 fields: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature, Maths, Physics, and Psychology the test will be done in paper so the student has to improve for themselves more knowledge and information will have more advantage than the others.

When choosing the right specialized major after graduation, you must choose GRE Subject instead of GRE General because of the specialized term and more specializer. Where are the GRE Subject useful materials for students to practice?

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GRE Subject useful materials 

To help the practicing become useful you have to choose a good material, there are some useful materials was chosen by a lot of students for practicing GRE Subject:

  • Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions: These questions are to check reasoning ability and classify from easy to difficult to build a good way of reasoning.
  • GRE Subject Test: Psychology (Kaplan Test Prep): Include in vocabularies, concepts, and the level of intensive in Psychosocial, Development psychology, and statistical in extended context, glossary, and general concept.
  • Cracking the GRE Mathematics Subject Test, 4th Edition: The length is enough for students to understand and familiar with the form of the test, more than 150 practice tests with tutorials and skills to solve the problem quickly.
  • Cracking the GRE Literature in English Subject Test, 6th Edition (Graduate School Test Preparation): Provide for student some information and strategies of doing the test for GRE Literature test, you will improve and familiar with the format of the real test you can distinguish between literary themes and schools of thought.

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