– How to practice vocabulary with enough knowledge for the exam? To get a high GMAT score, you need to know how to learn GMAT vocabulary effectively.

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How to learn GMAT vocabulary effectively?

You can start learning the most commonly used vocabulary words on the GMAT. Make a list of common words, reading comprehension or exam topics, or mistakes to speed up your work, and spend time practicing to consolidate your knowledge.

After you have completed the GMAT practice tests, you need to create a vocabulary list of uncertain words in the manual, in the paragraph and selective responses, to define the words in context by creating vocabulary flashcards from your own self word list.

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Read books, watch movies, take notes of keywords through many sources, and learning through books also brings high efficiency. That will lead you to learn more words the soonest.

Some books that help to learn the effective GMAT vocabulary simpler are Official Guide 13th, Official Review Verbal 2nd, Manhattan Sentence Correction 5th Edition, Powerscore CR Bible, Question Pack for the Verbal of GMAC, Official SC questionnaire set (on Gmatclub)…

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How long does GMAT test results take?

After completing the Verbal and Quantitative exam, you will know the results immediately because the test is done on a computer, so after submitting the test, the candidates will be provided with the results by computer immediately.

Official GMAT scores will be sent to you within 20 days of the test date. The center will send test scores directly to you and the places you have applied for (maximum 5 schools that you have registered). If you want to send more than 5 schools, you will need to pay an additional fee.

GMAT results include Quantitative and Verbal scores, so you need to divide the time equally. You need to get how to learn GMAT vocabulary effectively because this is also the factor that determines high scores for the upcoming GMAT test.

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