– GMAT exam preparation is an indispensable part for all who wish to graduate to the field of Business Administration (MBA) abroad.

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GMAT certificate

GMAT is a test of reading comprehension and reasoning for quantitative and linguistic factors, along with the candidate’s ability to write analytical essays related to business. GMAT helps assess the potential of candidates when applying to graduate programs in Business Administration at universities abroad. Usually, candidates who achieve high scores in the GMAT exam are excellent students entering the MBA.

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Exam structure

Section Number of questions Type of questions Duration
Analytical Writing 01 essay • Analysis of an Issue

• Analysis of an Argument

30 minutes
Integrated Reasoning 12 sentences • Multi-source Reasoning

• Two-part Analysis

• Table Analysis

• Graphics Interpretation

30 minutes
Break 8 minutes
Quantitative 31 sentences • Problem Solving

• Data Sufficiency

62 minutes
Break 8 minutes
Verbal 36 sentences • Sentence Correction

• Reading Comprehension

• Critical Reasoning

65 minutes

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The scale

In general, the calculation of GMAT scores is quite complicated. The official score of GMAT ranges from 200 to 800 and is converted based on only 2 sections: Verbal and Quantitative. The original scores of these two sections are calculated and generally range from 6 to 51 based on three factors:

  • The total number of questions you answered.
  • Is your answer correct?
  • Difficulty level and other parameters of the question you answered.

Analytical Writing is graded individually and has a scale from 0 to 6. Integrated Reasoning is also scored separately on a scale from 1 to 8. Although it is not used to convert to the official GMAT score, this part of the test with its own meaning, helping schools look at and assess the candidate’s potential for business data analysis.

GMAT exam preparation

The GMAT exam structure is used for graduate students in business, so the exam structure focuses on assessing the skills needed for deep learning in this major.

GMAT exam preparation is essential because GMAT assesses quantitative ability in calculating and using business-related languages, so if you are good at calculating and general English, you cannot do well on the GMAT test.

Especially in Analytical Writing, candidates will have to make their analysis and argument on an existing business problem or debate, do not discuss new ideas, so those who prepare for GMAT should be familiar and practice writing and analyzing different topics in your business in order to master and do well on this section of the test.


  • Set specific score goals depending on the requirements of the desired school.
  • Plan detailed problem solving from each section to the full test.
  • Learn vocabulary related to the business administration major.


  • Less expensive because you only need to buy books and print self-study materials at home.


  • There is no person who can help an essay to analyze an issue or a business argument, because this is a part of the test where without experience the candidate will be very likely to get the wrong analysis, or the wrong topic will cause a loss of points.

Exam preparation with tutors


  • Instruct reading comprehension skills and correct reasoning about charts, tables, and multi-source reasoning in Integrated Reasoning.
  • Instruct skills to solve quick quantitative exercises in the Math section.
  • Guiding how to analyze, outline, and write business issues on the GMAT exam.


  • High cost due to the fact that the GMAT certification requires a highly qualified tutor in business administration and understanding of the test.

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