– GRE or GMAT are two types of test for who want to learn the higher program after university, because of this reason the requirement of two tests are very high for beginner, especially in GMAT test which is the GMAT self-study methods for beginners?

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What is the same or different between GRE and GMAT?

GMAT is a test for student who plans to study upgrade in Master of Business Administration (MBA), especially it was designed for the student to finishes the test on computer in more than 550 test centers in over the world, including Mathematics, Language and Analytical Writing. Every university in the US almost requires a GMAT certificate when you want to apply for MBA.

Test for students to compare and appreciate the study achievement of students.

GRE includes 2 types:

  • GRE General (for every student who wants to learn after graduation).
  • GRE Subject (for student want to learn specialized major).

Every university will have a different score, so we do not have a GRE score for “passed” or “fell.

The test is a way to appreciate the capacity of students for Master of Business Administration (MBA).

GMAT includes 4 parts:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal

GMAT score is count from 200 to 800, based on two parts Quantitative and Verbal.

GRE and GMAT are designed for the student to do the test on a computer, except GRE subject student have to do on paper.


Comprehending the requirement of GMAT, the student will have the method and tips for yourself, however, which is the GMAT self-study methods for beginners?

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GMAT self-study methods for beginners

The study method not only for beginners but also can use for students who are in practicing are useful and it will become a habit that they can use it for GMAT tests and for another program.

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  • Make a point and plan for your future: GMAT appreciates these candidates who applied for MBA so you have to make sure which is the major that you will apply in university to bring yourself inspiration and do not waste time for it.
  • Specialized term: These vocabularies every program is looked for students who can comprehend the concept easier.
  • Practice solving exercise skill: GMAT requires students in solving exercise skills especially Quantitative, so practicing solving all the exercises not only helps students to understand but also helps them to solve problems quickly.
  • Practice analysis skill: Analytical Writing Assessment and Verbal are two parts on GMAT test to count final score, not only passed the test but also the student can use it and solve the problem in life easier.
  • Find a good GMAT tutoring center: If you have a problem with self-study or you want to get more information, you can look for a prestigious center to receive their teaching and experiences from the teacher to get a good result and pass this difficult subject.

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