– In addition to the thick textbooks, students preparing for the SSAT are increasingly preferring to practice online thanks to its convenience but equally effective. To help candidates achieve the highest score, the following article shares the best free online SSAT prep resources.

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Enrollment Management Association (EMA)

Enrollment Management Association (EMA) is the organization that administers the SSAT. Since it’s the official website, it’s also undoubtedly the best free online SSAT prep resources. In addition to having all the information about the SSAT that candidates need to know, EMA also recommends additional preparation textbooks suitable for candidates’ levels such as The Official SSAT Guide Books and Official SSAT Practice Online to help the process efficient and saving.

The site also offers practice tests that simulate the actual exam. Candidates can register for an account and take the test for free. When completing the test, the candidate also know the strengths and points of each test section.

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Ivy Global SSAT

Ivy Global is a familiar website for students wishing to take international exams. Its version of the SSAT website ( provides the necessary utilities for the exam preparation process from practice sets (at the Middle and Upper levels), question and answer sections (SSAT FAQ) to practice tests that you can download to your phone.

Not only that, another point that attracts candidates to this website is the detailed and easy-to-understand videos explaining the Math section with topics such as Intro to Solid Geometry or Solving Percent Problems. Therefore, this will be the preferred address for those who want to improve their score in Math.

Test Innovators

Among the best free online SSAT prep resources, Test Innovators focuses a lot on the design stage with an impressive and attractive interface, but also does not skimp on the preparation content. This page focuses on personalizing exam preparation while creating effective study plans for each candidate at all 3 levels (Elementary, Middle and Upper) based on diagnostic tests.

The practice tests here also have the same content and duration as the official test, along with toolkits to help candidates develop test-taking skills. You can log in and choose a trial version with completely free content before choosing the appropriate premium plan if you are satisfied.

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Crack SSAT

Crack SSAT has long been a familiar online source of test preparation for generations of SSAT test takers. As the name suggests, Crack SSAT was created to help students “crack” and conquer their dream of studying in the US with a huge treasure of exam preparation materials. The website not only stores 16 official past papers from 2001 but also has 158 question sets pre-classified by each test section such as Verbal, Reading, Math. Therefore, this site both meets the requirements of becoming familiar with the exam structure, and also satisfies the need to consolidate knowledge and improve scores in each test section where candidates are weak. In addition to practice tests, the platform also includes study guides that you can download as PDFs.


Test-Guide has many similarities with Ivy Global, as it both offers practice tests and includes a question and answer section (FAQ) about the SSAT. This page also has a detailed article on information surrounding the SSAT including the structure and format of the test, the test schedule, the registration fee for each level and how the scores are calculated. Another highlight is that Test-Guide also shares a link to a set of vocabulary cards, ensuring that students firmly remember the words and are no longer confused when reading the test. However, a minus point is that this site only has mock exam questions for Upper level and there is no source for lower levels.

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