– To help SSAT Middle-Level students get the best test results, we have compiled a synthesis of useful SSAT Middle-Level materials for parents and students to refer to. 

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What is SSAT Middle Level?

The SSAT (Secondary Admission Test) is a standardized test that students in grades 5-7 will take. The purpose of this test is to assess a student’s ability and aptitude for admission to private secondary schools.

This test consists of 6 parts: Writing, Reading, Speech, Experimental, and two Math sections.

Synthesis of useful SSAT Middle-Level materials

Although this test does not bring many difficulties for students, getting a good score is still something every student wants to achieve. There are many factors that can directly help a student on his or her way to achieving good grades, of which the right test preparation material is one of the most important. The following is a synthesis of useful SSAT Middle-Level materials for you to choose from:

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  • 5 Full-Length SSAT Middle-Level Math Practice Tests: The Practice You Need to Ace the SSAT Middle-Level Math Test

Price: $12.99


  • The content is 100% relevant to the SSAT Middle-Level exam 2019 – 2020
  • Written by SSAT Math tutors and test experts
  • Covers all the Math SSAT Middle-Level concepts and topics you will be tested on
  • Provides detailed answers and solutions to all practice questions
  • 5 full-length practice tests (including new question types) with detailed answers
Pros Cons
  • Authored by subject experts
  • Questions corresponding to the exam year
  • Reasonable price
  • 5 Full-length Practice Tests
  • In-depth answers for each type of exercise
  • Flexible questions
  • Easy-to-read design and presentation
  • Not fully covered all of SSAT Middle-Level exam section
  • Only used for extra practice, not suitable for reviewing Math content
  • Middle-Level SSAT: 1000+ Practice Questions

Price: $34.99 


  • Includes 2 practice tests: 1 diagnostic test to help you determine which areas need the most improvement and 1 practice test to familiarize students with the actual test
  • Contains over 1000 practice questions categorized by topic, helping students improve key skills and learn new concepts.
  • Includes over a hundred reading comprehension questions combined with professionally written literature, poetry, and persuasive passages
  • Contains hundreds of test-appropriate math questions including charts, graphs, illustrations, and shapes.
  • Detailed answer explanations are included at
Pros Cons
  • Structure and presentation easy to understand
  • Comprehensive coverage of knowledge sections
  • 2 practice tests
  • There is a test to help you identify strengths and weaknesses
  • More than 1000 exercises
  • There is a detailed explanation
  • Some exercises are not suitable for students at SSAT level
  • The difficulty of the question does not reflect the official test
  • Some questions are quite confusing and rambling
  • SSAT Middle-Level Prep Book 2020 and 2021: SSAT Middle-Level Study Guide with Practice Test Questions

Price: $17.49


  • Contains test-taking strategies and test-taking tips to help pass your exam
  • Covers all sections of the SSAT Middle Level
  • There are practice questions for extra practice
  • Provide detailed answer explanations to find out where you went wrong and how to improve
Pros Cons
  • Regularly updated
  • The content matches the latest exam structure
  • There are test-taking strategies that are used by many
  • There are practice questions with detailed explanations
  • The newly updated version has no significant improvement over the old version 
  • The number of practice exercises is still too little
  • The Math section in this manual does not reflect the difficulty of the actual test
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  • SSAT Middle-Level Prep Books 2020 and 2021: SSAT Middle School Secrets Study Guide

Price: $15.99


  • Includes practice test questions with detailed answers
  • Provides step-by-step video tutorials to help you master difficult concepts
  • Contains tips and strategies to help you achieve the best test performance
  • Includes exercise formats for all SSAT Middle-Level sections
Pros Cons
  • Trusted and Experienced Brand
  • Compiled by experts
  • Step by step video tutorial step by step
  • Provide practice test
  • Provides test-taking strategies
  • The number of Math practice exercises is still too little
  • The number of types of practice exercises is still too little
  • SSAT & ISEE Middle & Upper Level Prep 2020: 4 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies

Price: $12.99


  • Includes test-taking strategies and real-world practice exercises.
  • Contains two SSAT Upper Level / Middle-Level practice tests with score conversion tables and detailed answer explanations
  • Includes hundreds of practice questions, with expert guidance to correct answers and sample essays
  • Provides up-to-date vocabulary and content lists to match SSAT Upper, SSAT Middle, and ISEE rigor
Pros Cons
  • High Reputation SSAT/ISEE Books
  • Proven tips and strategies are taken from experts
  • Step by step video tutorial 
  • Detailed knowledge section for each test section
  • 4 practice tests
  • Well explained answer
  • This textbook is not SSAT orientated
  • Because this book is used for SSAT and SAT exam preparation, many students can be quite confused upon reviewing
  • Nội dung phần Math cần cải thiện
  • The content of the Math section needs improvement
  • The organization and structure of the content is not good because two different tests are combined in one book
  • SSAT Middle-Level Math Study Guide 2020 – 2021: A Comprehensive Review and Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing for the SSAT Middle-Level Math

Price: $15.49


  • The content is 100% relevant to the 2020 SSAT Middle Level® test
  • Written by Math SSAT Middle-Level instructors and test-taking experts
  • Covers all the Math SSAT Middle-Level concepts and topics you will be tested on
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for all Math SSAT Middle-Level topics
  • Includes 2 practice tests and detailed answers
  • Various Math skills-building exercises to expose test-takers to different question types that may not be familiar to them
Pros Cons
  • 2 practice tests that are the same as the real test
  • Includes detailed answers
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for all topics
  • Concise and focused content
  • Great combination of research tool and guide
  • Diverse practice questions
  • Doesn’t include all of SSAT Middle-Level exam sections

Hopefully, through the synthesis of useful SSAT Middle-Level materials listed above, parents and students can find the right exam preparation material.

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