– SSAT results are an important factor in the admissions process at middle and high schools in the United States. To achieve the best results, you need to have “how to manage time on the SSAT test“, the following article will summarize the experiences for your reference.

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To do well on the SSAT, you need to know the time taken for the test as well as the levels of the test to have a reasonable “how to manage time on the SSAT test“.


Time to take the SSAT

  • SSAT Elementary Level

The test lasts 2 hours and 5 minutes, and there is a 15-minute break after the second part. Each SSAT Elementary Level test consists of 125 minutes of testing including:

  • Quantitative Reasoning: 30 minutes with 30 questions
  • Verbal: lasts for 20 minutes and includes 30 questions
  • Reading: has a test time of 30 minutes, including 28 questions.
  • Writing Sample (no grading) lasts 15 minutes
  • Experimental (no grading) lasts 15 minutes with 15-17 questions
  • SSAT Middle and Upper Level

The test lasts 2 hours 35 minutes for the Middle level and Upper level Test, and 2 breaks with 5 minutes and 10 minutes rest after the first and third sections. Each SSAT Middle and Upper Level SSAT includes:

  • Writing Sample (no grading) 1 lesson lasts 25 minutes
  • Quantitative Reasoning: there are 2 math sections in the exam, each with 25 questions lasting for 30 minutes
  • Reading: has a test time of 40 minutes, including 40 questions.
  • Verbal: lasts for 30 minutes and includes 60 questions
  • Experimental (ungraded) lasts 15 minutes with 16 questions

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How to manage time on the SSAT test

When talking about “ how to manage time on the SSAT test”, each student has strengths and core skills that directly affect the time it takes to solve the questions. To be able to determine the optimal test time, you must have tips:

  • Skip the difficult question: with Quantitative on the SSAT Elementary Level, Quantitative 30 minutes long consists of 30 questions, which means you have 1 minute time for each question. Shorten the question time you always have to be in the center of the status and if the question is too difficult, just choose the answer, you will not be deducted points if the answer is wrong.
  • Don’t circle indiscriminately: for SSAT Middle and Upper Level each Quantitative section has 25 questions that last for 30 minutes meaning you have more than 1 minute for each question. The rush of time requires you to stay focused at all times, skip the question and come back to it later if it’s too difficult, or change and correct your answer if there’s time left in that section of the test. Do not circle indiscriminately because the test will be deducted 1/4 point for wrong answers, but no points will be deducted for the answer that is not answered.
  • Allocate time appropriately: when doing this test, you save a lot of time to spend on other questions you are sure of knowledge. In addition, you should complete the easy questions quickly within 30-60 seconds. Once you have practiced hundreds of questions during SSAT preparation, you will know which questions are difficult and which are easy for you. . This will greatly increase your speed.

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  • Take the practice test regularly: to get used to how to do the test and easily practice the above tips most effectively, the best way is to practice as much as possible and to time the test like the real test. limit the fear of running out of time but still have many unfinished sentences.
  • Take shortcuts: you usually write down each step clearly, but when you enter the SSAT no one will see your performance except you, so you can use shortcuts like estimating, working backward back from the answer choices, and enter numbers to save time on the math part.
  • Practice time management skills: if you have difficulty with time management, focus on incorporating the timed practice into the test sections. When entering the actual exam, you will be less stressed. Regularly do timed tests until you know what it feels like to complete a section before time runs out. Getting used to it is half the battle, and practicing time management will reduce your stress levels on test days.

Hopefully by applying the above methods of time management to take the SSAT, you will achieve the SSAT results you desire.

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