– With the desire for children to study abroad in the US early, many parents have directed their children to take the SSAT Elementary exam. To share the difficulties, has made a synthesis of useful SSAT Elementary Level materials for your reference.

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What is SSAT Elementary Level?

SSAT is a test for students from grades 3 to 11 according to the entrance standards for private elementary, secondary, and high schools in the United States and is divided into 3 levels: Elementary, Middle, and Upper.

  • Grade 3-4: SSAT Elementary Level Test.
  • Grade 5-7: SSAT Middle-Level Test.
  • Grade 8-11: SSAT Upper-Level Test.

The SSAT is an unlimited number of tests per student per year. The SSAT is offered several times a year, so students can take it as many times as they want.

SSAT Elementary Level exam structure lasts 2 hours 5 minutes for 5 sections with a 15-minute break after the second section.

  • Quantitative: 30 questions – 30 minutes (No computer allowed)
  • Verbal: 30 questions – 20 minutes
  • Reading: 28 questions – 30 minutes.
  • Writing Sample: 15 minutes (No grading)
  • Experimental: 15-17 questions – 15 minutes (No grading)

Among the 3 levels of the SSAT, Elementary Level is the least registered in Vietnam, because at such a young age as 3rd and 4th grades, it is rare for parents to let their children study abroad unless they have close relatives who are living abroad and want to send their children there to settle down early.

After determining the structure of the SSAT test, the next thing you need to do is start planning your study schedule with the synthesis of useful SSAT Elementary Level materials below.

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Synthesis of useful SSAT Elementary Level materials 

In addition to documents from the official SSAT site is, you can also refer to the following documents and books to prepare for the Elementary level SSAT:

The Official Study Guide for the SSAT Elementary Level Grade 3 and Grade 4

These are 2 separate books, 1 for 3rd grade and 1 for 4th grade, written by the SSAT test development team and are freely available for download on The material includes information about the format of the SSAT, its timing, scoring, and content of the sections, as well as sample questions and tips on how to prepare for each section of the SSAT Elementary. The instructions in this document closely match the student’s actual test-taking experience.

SSAT Elementary Level Study Guide: SSAT Lower Level Test Prep and Practice Exam Questions [2nd Edition]

This book is published by Test Prep books experts and is highly rated on Amazon, the book includes the following main content:

  • Test-Taking Strategies: Learn the best tips to help overcome your exam
  • Quantitative Section: Practice Questions and Answer Explanations
  • Verbal Section: Practice Questions and Answer Explanations
  • Reading Section: Practice Questions and Answer Explanations
  • Writing Sample
  • Practice Writing Sample
  • Practice Test: Quantitative Section, Verbal Section, Reading Section, and Writing Sample
  • Answer Explanations: Quantitative Section, Verbal Section, and Reading Section
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Elementary SSAT: 1000+ Practice Questions

This book is published by The Tutorverse LLC with over 1000 practice questions specifically for SSAT Elementary. The book provides enough knowledge and practice questions close to the test-taking for even students who want to achieve close to or maximum scores.

Book content includes:

  • 2 full-length tests for each grade level
  • 2 diagnostic tests to help you pinpoint the areas in most need of improvement
  • 2 practice tests to help familiarize students with the real thing
  • 1000+ practice questions separated by topic, helping students improve key skills and learn new concepts.
  • 50 reading comprehension passages paired with test-like questions
  • Hundreds of test-appropriate math questions including charts, graphs, illustrations, and shapes.
  • Detailed answer explanations are available online at
For more:  Integrated program in 2021 – A place to share all the experiences of Test Prep exams (SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, etc.) for students preparing to study abroad. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via email or hotline for free advice.

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