– Compared to other international certificates, SAT is more familiar with Vietnamese students. In order to get the “golden ticket” to enter universities and colleges, students must achieve a high SAT score. But how to deal with SAT stress?

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In recent years, as ACT begun to emerge as an alternative to SAT, many students have compared SAT with ACT to see which one has more advantages. While ACT is focuses on the foundational knowledge that students have accumulated since high school, SAT places more emphasis on reasoning and logical thinking skills.

In the Math section, SAT is more about algebra and calculus, while ACT is more about geometry and trigonometry. In the English section, if SAT focuses on verbal and requires students to have a solid understanding of the definition of words, synonyms, antonyms, diction…, ACT examines more on punctuation and sentence structure and grammar.

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ACT also has one more Science section, but doesn’t test knowledge about Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Instead, it revolves around students’ scientific research skills with questions about Data Representation, Research Summaries and Conflicting Viewpoints.

In general, SAT requires logical thinking and the ability to extend beyond the learned knowledge, ACT requires mastering the rules and memorizing formulas. Depending on their own inclination, students should choose to take the exam that better suits them.

How to deal with SAT stress?

  • Know the structure of the exam

“To know oneself is true progress” is never an outdated strategy. One way to solve “how to deal with SAT stress?” question is to have a solid grasp of the test format. SAT starts with 52 Reading questions based on 6-7 passages. Here you need to apply and skimming and scanning, which is to quickly skim the words and collect the main ideas so as not to lose time reading every single detail.

In the next section – 44 questions of Writing and Language, you should categorize this part into questions about vocabulary, grammar, word usage… From January 2021, as SAT temporarily canceled the Essay section, you will have more time to focus on the final Math sections with 20 questions without calculator and 38 questions using the calculator. When you know your test format, you will be more comfortable during the exam.

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  • Set a clear target goal

Once you have chosen to take the SAT exam, you must be aware of the required score to apply to your desired colleges and universities, along with your own ability. Then, you will no longer be confused whether you are able to achieve that score or not, as you totally know your goal score and have appropriate test-taking strategies.

The test does not deduct points for wrong answers and blank answers, so in case you can’t answer a question, you should skip over to the next one, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by panic upon dealing with too tough questions. You will only be stressed if your target is near the maximum 1600.

  • Don’t forget to relax

If you can balance between practice and relaxation, you will find SAT exam easier than ever. Rest and relaxation while being under intense pressure is as necessary as preparation for SAT. A good morale can help you get good results and open the door to university-college opportunity.

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