– How much SSAT score is required for scholarship is a question of many students who are nurturing their dream of studying abroad, especially at American universities.

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How much SSAT score is required for scholarship?

There is no specific SSAT score for the scholarship selection. Because SSAT score required varies depending on the school to which you are applying. Scoring requirements vary depending on SSAT level. In addition, SSAT changes each year, so the scale score will increase or decrease depending on College Board.

SSAT has a special scoring method (percentile rank). The admissions committee can comparatively compare and classify students of the same age and sex who have taken the SSAT in the last three years.

You should find out about the GPA of last year’s entrance exams or email directly to the school to inquire about the required SSAT scores for each grade or school to set a suitable goal. However, SSAT is not the only factor schools use to evaluate students when applying for scholarships, but it also depends on a number of other factors.

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SSAT levels

Secondary School Admission Test, or SSAT, is an internationally standardized test for students from grades 3-11 to study at private middle schools and high schools in the US. SSAT score is a very important factor in the admission process of schools, especially at reputable, highly competitive high schools.

  • SSAT Elementary Level scores range from 300 to 600 in each section.
  • SSAT Middle Level scores range from 440 to 710 in each section.
  • SSAT Upper Level scores range from 500 to 800 in each section.

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SSAT also include a section of unscored experimental questions that is vital to the development of new tests. Undeniably a higher SSAT score will help you almost surpass the standards of most admissions boards, even the most demanding ones. With a higher score, the chance of getting a scholarship will increase.

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