– How much SAT score is required for scholarship is a question of many students who are nurturing the dream of studying abroad, especially at US universities.

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How much SAT score is required for scholarship?

The answer to this question is that there is no specific SAT score. Because the required SAT score differs depending on the school you are applying to. For example, the University of Pennsylvania has an average entry score of about 1460 – 1580 points, while top schools like Harvard or Yale admission score around 1480 – 1600, or Creighton University only requires about 1140 – 1350 points.

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Of course, SAT score as close as 1600 will help you almost surpass the standards of most admissions boards, even the most demanding one.

It is not always that schools with higher rankings on the top university rankings will require higher SAT scores. You should find out the previous year’s entrance exams or email directly to the school to ask about SAT required score to set a suitable goal for yourself.

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Do not just focus on SAT score

SAT score is not the only factor schools use to evaluate students when applying for scholarships. Whether or not, you are accepted depends on many other factors such as GPA, extracurricular activities, outstanding skills in one particular subject… To get the best SAT score, it is also important to focus on the true core competencies needed to gain acceptance from the university.

The closer 1600 points are considered as the high score, but if you appreciate your ability and choose the right university, how much SAT score is required for scholarship is no longer the problem, because reaching 1200 or 1400 points is also quite possible to earn yourself the scholarship.

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