– High SAT scores are always a common goal of international students who want to apply to universities and colleges in the US. To conquer the score of near 1600, students must take practice tests regularly. Here are the top 5 free online SAT practice test websites.

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College Board

College Board is not only the SAT exam board but is also one of the top 5 free online SAT practice test websites trusted by many. Students can access here to take the SAT Practice Test. These are tests that simulate actual exam to help students quickly familiarize with the exam structure.

These tests have both online and paper versions. Currently, the site offers a total of 8 tests. Students want to learn more about the types of questions can visit here to understand the common format in each section, from Math, Reading to Writing and Language, as well as Essay.

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Crack SAT

Crack SAT has long been a familiar platform for SAT prep “faithfuls”. This website has both SAT 1 (SAT General Test) and SAT 2 (SAT Subject Test) practice tests with a diverse number of subjects, from natural sciences to social sciences and foreign languages. In addition, the website also integrates practice tests of other exams such as PSAT (Pre-SAT – the “preparatory” version of SAT), ACT or AP.

By accessing here, students can easily be overwhelmed with nearly 300 new version SAT and more than 100 old version SAT practice tests, along with many other useful SAT prep books. The tests are also broken down into sections or skills, helping students become best prepared upon entering this difficult exam.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, which is familiar to academics, is also one of the top 5 free online SAT practice test websites. Students can take online practice tests online or download official SAT tests from past years.

The website also has step-by-step tutorial video to help students understand the part that they are wrong and the traps to watch out for. After practicing with Khan Academy, you can get used to the feeling of getting all the questions right without having to check the whole test all over again.

For more: Where to take SAT exam? not only has the SAT resources but also ACT, GMAT, GRE, GED, TOEFL, TOEIC… In addition to sharing practice tests, this website also includes many links of effective SAT prep books. The only downside of this platform is the lack of practice content for the Writing and Language and Essay sections.

Test Your Language

With an eye-catching interface and sharing ways accumulate SAT scores, Test Your Language is also a reliable SAT prep platform that you can’t miss. The practice tests are completely free and easy to access online on a computer. After each question completed, students will immediately receive the answer key and their scores.

In addition to providing sample questions of standardized tests such as GMAT, GRE, IELTS…, this website also integrates a lot of interesting information related to learning foreign languages including Arabic, Italian, German, Spanish… That’s what you need for all the exam preparation that make your dream come true in the future.

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