– SAT is an aptitude test that has been around since 1901, yet until now it is still a popular test for students who want to study in the US. Besides books and paper materials, you can improve your SAT score with the best free online SAT prep resources.

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Instead of carrying around a 400-page-textbook like students in the 90s, you can easily access countless online SAT preparation resources from anywhere on the Internet. However, great quantity doesn’t come with corresponding quality. Therefore, to help you achieve an effective learning progress, the article will point out the important things that you need when preparing for the exam, along with the best free online SAT prep resources for each of those sections.

The best free online SAT prep resources

SAT official website – The College Board

If you’ve searched about SAT, surely you’ve heard of the College Board. This is the official organizer of the SAT and sends your SAT score to colleges. As the official website, the information here is absolutely accurate and authentic.

This site offers free test preparation materials, including a set of SAT review questions and 8 full-length practice tests. The practice questions from the SAT organizer are a golden source for your reference. In addition, you can access dozens of sample questions for Reading, Writing and Math along with detailed answer keys.

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Math section

Khan Academy is a reliable site if you are aiming to improve your score in Math. This site’s Youtube videos explain very specifically and in-depth about the math problems you could encounter in the SAT exam. Additionally, Khan Academy is a non-profit website and a College Board partner that offers free online SAT prep. Review questions are compiled from previous SAT tests, or created and modified with the approval of the College Board, so they are very relevant to the official test.

Reading and Writing & Language sections

Erica Meltzer’s The Critical Reader blog is an extremely useful online resource for preparing for the Reading and Writing & Language sections of the SAT. This blog has gradually changed from covering exam content to focusing on solving problems that students face. Many posts cover general topics, like learning vocabulary in context and the use of punctuation. In addition, the site’s tips for improving the Reading section can apply not only to SAT but also to other tests like ACT. Another pros of this site in addition to useful articles is the regular updating and adding of new articles.


All sections of the SAT are taken in English, so learning vocabulary is also a crucial thing. Among online vocabulary resources, Quizlet is the most popular online memory card website in the world. You can practice through a large stock of SAT vocabulary, along with games and quizzes to test your knowledge as well as have a relaxing moment after stressful studying hours.

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Discuss forum

If you have any questions about the format or content of SAT but fail to find the answers, try the College Confidential site. This site offers a number of discussion topics for students and parents about SAT which you can simply look up or even make comments about.

Practice Exam

After the studying period, taking practice exams is an indispensable step, and you will need for this. is a source of practice tests that you can download in PDF for free. While the website doesn’t have many resources for the new format of SAT, the tests available are still great resources for reinforcing your knowledge and applying test-taking strategies to maximize your time and score. The only drawback is that the site is a bit difficult to navigate, but once you get used to it, you can have access to a huge source of questions and SAT practice tests.

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