– SAT is a trendy certificate that caught the attention of many Vietnamese parents and students. To learn more about the SAT, here are 10 frequently asked questions about SAT scores.

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For students preparing for college in the United States, the SAT certification plays an important role in starting that thorny road. Those aspiring to get into the best colleges face an extremely competitive process, with the competition for SAT scores considered the fiercest. However, before comparing, you need to understand the meaning of SAT scores, so has compiled 10 frequently asked questions about SAT scores for parents and students to also refer to.

10 frequently asked questions about SAT scores

  • What is SAT score?

The SAT is one of two tests used for college admissions. Most schools use SAT scores as part of the college admissions process. SAT scores, along with high school grades, are believed to be the most accurate predictor of college admissions.

Total SAT scores are reported on a 400-1600 scale. It shows the student’s academic performance in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math sections of the test. Each section will be based on a 200-800 score scale. In addition, the Essay section will be reported separately.

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  • How is the SAT score calculated?

The SAT consists of four subtests: Reading, Writing, Math with Calculator, and Math without Calculator. Performance on these sections determines a student’s overall SAT score.

The following table will help you better understand the SAT scores:

Section # of Questions & Length Topics Included

(800 points)

58 Questions

80 Minutes

Algebra, Problem Solving & Data Analysis, Quadratic & Higher-order equations, Arithmetic operations, Geometry, Basic Trigonometry. Includes one 25 minute no-calculator section. Questions are mostly in multiple-choice and a few free-response formats.

(400 points)

52 Questions

65 Minutes

Evidence-based reading & writing, focusing on the analysis of History/Social Studies, Science, Data & Informational graphics and vocabulary in context.
Writing & Language (400 Points) 44 Questions

35 Minutes

Essay (Optional) (Scored Separately) 1 Free Response Question

50 Minutes

Tests reading, analysis, and writing skills; students produce a written analysis of a provided text.

The SAT score report also includes percentile scores and college benchmarks score ranges.

Your percentile score shows how well you did on the test compared to other test takers. For example, if your percentage score is 73%, it means you scored above or equal to 73% of the contestants.

  • What is the average SAT score? What is a good SAT score?

Average SAT scores vary from year to year. The College Board publishes an annual report that analyzes SAT performance for all U.S. test-takers and for subgroups by gender, ethnicity, family income, school type, and state. Here is the average SAT score according to the College Board report in 2019:

  • Math: 528
  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 531
  • Total SAT score: 1059

A “good” SAT score depends on your college goals. Different colleges have different expectations about SAT scores. At many prestigious schools, they may require students to score in the SAT range of 1200-1300; At highly selective schools, the majority of admitted students have SAT scores in the 1500s.

  • Is SAT score more important than grades?

Absolutely not. In fact, annual surveys of college admissions consultants rank SAT scores as the third most important factor in admissions decisions, after grades and strength of curriculum (how hard your classes are).

  • When is the SAT score released?

Results of multiple-choice tests are usually announced 13 days after the test date. (June test date results are usually a bit longer.)

SAT scores of more than one year will be considered “old SAT scores” and archived. If you need an old SAT score report, you can ask the College Board by phone or email.

To access your old SAT scores, you will be charged a regular score report fee of $12 per report. Add to that a $31 archived fee, making the total cost $43.

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  • Is there a way to improve my score when my SAT score is not high?

Next in 10 frequently asked questions about SAT scores. If you took the SAT and you feel that your score is not good, you have several options as following:

  • Scoring Selection: Score Selection allows you to choose which scores should be sent to colleges, so if you don’t do well on a recent test, you can choose not to send your scores.
  • Superscoring: Many colleges use what’s called “super scoring,” which means they only consider the top section scores. If you do not do well on this particular test day, it will not affect the admission process.
  • Highest test date score: Colleges only consider your highest score. So if you retake the SAT and do better in a few months, colleges will just use that better score in the admissions process.
  • How to send SAT scores to colleges?

There are two ways to submit scores to colleges:

  • While registering for the test
  • After the official score is announced.

Candidates receive four free Scorecards when they register for the SAT. Candidates can submit scores to colleges within 9 days of taking the test, after which they have to pay $12 for sending a score report to each college/program of their choice.

  • How to get a high SAT score the first time?

While there are no “shortcuts” to getting a high SAT score, here are some methods to help you score better on your first SAT:

  • Make a suitable study plan to improve your weakness and develop your strengths.
  • Complete a variety of practice questions, practice sections, and practice tests so you become comfortable with the format and structure of the SAT questions. Review these practice sets carefully — make sure you know exactly why you answered right or wrong to each question.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before the test.
  • Is it possible to apply for a scholarship with SAT scores?

Some colleges automatically award scholarships based on SAT or ACT scores. You don’t need to submit any additional information to be eligible for these types of scholarships, but sometimes you still have to meet specific deadlines.

Some good examples of schools that offer scholarships based on SAT scores include:

  • Baylor College (based on SAT or ACT scores and class rank)
  • Clemson University (based on SAT or ACT scores and class rank)
  • Georgia State University (based on SAT or ACT scores and GPA)
  • Louisiana State University (based on SAT or ACT scores and GPA)
  • Texas Tech University (based on SAT or ACT scores and class rank)
  • University of Oregon (based on SAT or ACT scores and GPA)
  • Can I get my SAT score double-checked?

Candidates who wish to request a review of their SAT scores can access the score verification service. To request a score verification service, you will need to complete an SAT score verification form request. In addition, students are required to pay a review fee of $55 as of January 2020,

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