– You’ve probably heard plenty about the SAT, but SAT Subject tests may be less familiar. Why should we take the SAT Subject? What are the strategies for SAT Subject exam preparation to gain a high score?

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Why choose the SAT Subject?

The most important reason why you should take SAT subject tests is that many colleges require them as part of the admissions process. Even colleges that don’t require them may still consider your SAT Subject results if you choose to take them, so they could consider and give you an edge if you perform well rather than those who don’t take SAT Subject. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate your strengths, since you’re able to choose your subjects, and could even compensate for weaker SAT scores since you can show your ability in your strongest areas.

If you’re good at self-study, SAT Subjects tests can demonstrate that you’re hard-working and eager to learn or not. Plus, your results can be used to determine placement or can be applied for credit at some colleges. To gain the score you desire, having specific and appropriate strategies for SAT Subject exam preparation is essential for candidates.

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Strategies for SAT Subject exam preparation

SAT Subject exam preparation strategy

  • Take a mock test: To determine what knowledge you are lacking and what you are doing well, take a mock test! When you finish the test, seriously calculate your score to define your ability. Since then, the exam preparation plan is more detailed and efficient.
  • Schedule an appropriate schedule: Once you have defined the strengths and weaknesses from the mock test, you should plan to review the exam with the amount of time for each test section accordingly. If your mock test scores are already close to your desired score, keep trying to do more mock tests and practice advanced questions while always in a non-subjective attitude. For those whose desired score and the test score are still quite far, try harder by spending a lot of time on practice while increasing the gap knowledge to shorten the score gap.
  • Exam preparation materials: Appropriate, reputable, and timely documents will help you speed up exam preparation. Instead of spending a lot of time searching for free, but not reputable materials everywhere, you can go to free and paid material search sites, and mock exams at reputable websites like College Board, Princeton Review, Prepscholar…

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SAT Subject test-taking strategy

  • Read the exam questions carefully: Read the exam carefully, read it carefully, and read it carefully! It is important to say 3 times. Many people, when starting the exam, have not read them carefully but start doing because they can hit it at first glance, but in fact, confusing a few words makes the question meaning different. Therefore, read through all the questions once in order to check the number of sentences, spelling errors, paper quality, etc. then read carefully and start doing the test. 
  • Answer the easy questions first, then harder: To be able to both grasp the points and save time, you should choose the sentences that you can do first, the rest of the time will be spent on solving difficult questions. Test questions will also usually be arranged in order from easy to difficult. Pay attention to check the sentences you missed so that you have time to do them later.

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