– Vocabulary plays an important role in the SAT exam preparation. The more vocabulary you know, the more likely you are to get a high SAT score. We have a look at how to get effective ways to learn SSAT vocabulary below to apply it in many different cases.

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Effective ways to learn SAT vocabulary

There are many methods to learn SAT vocabulary. However, depending on each person’s ability to remember, you can choose the appropriate method. Here are the ways that many of you apply:

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  • Learn vocabulary by flashcard: If you are a good memory memoir, you can learn SAT vocabulary through flashcards, each word is described with a vivid image. You can also system up to new words from real exam questions and create your own flashcard, the more effective you will be to memorize vocabulary.
  • Learn vocabulary through an audio: If you are a good retainer of information with audio, you can listen to vocabulary through video channels. Listening repeatedly will help you remember words quickly and avoid forgetting words.
  • Learning multidimensional vocabulary: We often have the habit of learning English – Vietnamese one-way vocabulary, so when we are asked against Vietnamese – English, we are often confused, and it takes a lot of time to recall that vocabulary. For this method, you will learn two-way English – Vietnamese and Vietnamese – English words to help you reflect better.
  • Learn vocabulary with friends or in groups: This method helps you interact. You can also learn vocabulary on your own, then ask your friends to recheck it or you can group up with friends who are practicing for the SAT to study together.
  • Learn vocabulary through apps and websites: Currently, there are many applications, websites supporting SAT vocabulary learning such as SAT Vocab Master, MindSnacks, Vocab Test…

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How many SAT vocabulary should be learned?

There is no specific rule on the number of SAT words to learn. Before starting into vocabulary learning, you need to identify the school you want to submit to and require that school’s entry SAT score to plan appropriate study. However, you also need to learn at least 2,000 words if you want to get a good score on the SAT.

So you already know how to get effective ways to learn SAT vocabulary. But the most important thing is that you need to persevere and repeat the habit of learning vocabulary every day for the above methods to be effective.

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