– Are you confused before the SAT exam that is it difficult to get high score in SAT? The following article will provide you with information to make it easy to prepare for the SAT to get the highest score.

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What is SAT?

SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the American education system.

SAT has two main exams:

  • SAT I (SAT General Test): A required condition for admission to some universities in the US.
  • SAT II (SAT Subject Test): Optional, only used when applying to schools that are highly competitive for admissions or scholarships.

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Is it difficult to get high score in SAT?

The answer is not difficult because many candidates have achieved perfect scores and succeeded in conquering their dream of entering prestigious universities. If you have to work hard, invest time, and have a clear study plan, you can achieve the desired score.

To achieve the desired results you need to invest time in make a list of the universities you plan to apply to, find out about SAT score that the school you want to study requires, set a goal for your SAT score and start practicing.

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How to get a high score in SAT?

  • Use practice workbooks: Easy to get used to the type that require you to refer to the workbook to familiarize yourself with the structure whereby the book will provide great advice for choosing questions, correct answers and save time.
  • Learn grammar and sentence structure information: For the best test preparation, you need to memorize grammar rules and do lots of practice exercises.
  • Plan your essay: Start with a basic outline for your context essay, summarize the work, memorize a word-for-word format.
  • Practice: Focus 100% on the work, you need to focus on limiting distractions and not paying attention to what you are doing, problems every day but every few minutes get distracted and not paying attention.
  • Notice the mistakes: Need to think about why your answer is wrong and the correct answer is correct and if you are doing math, redo the problem.
  • Take practice tests on time: You should familiarize yourself with the time that the SAT takes so that when you do the actual test you won’t be surprised.

When you apply all of the above methods, it will be easy to answer the question of whether is it difficult to get high score in SAT.

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