– How to overcome the pressure and anxiety of preparing for the upcoming GRE exam. The following article will provide some information on how to overcome worries in the GRE exam so that you can take steps to reduce anxiety and benefit both your score and your mental health.

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What is the GRE test structure?

GRE is a computer-based test, including Verbal (testing skills in word use and reading comprehension) and Quantitative (math), when the candidates can answer the difficult questions, the difficulty of the next set of 20 questions will be increased.

The GRE test is divided into three main sections:

  • Verbal Reasoning 
  • Quantitative Reasoning 
  • Analytical Writing

Most test-takers experience some pressure when preparing for the test, so how to overcome worries in the GRE exam and to help you get good results.

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How to overcome worries in the GRE exam?

  • Practice endurance: GRE is a test that lasts 4 hours, it will be a tiring challenge if you have not practiced it many times before, so after you have understood the structure of the test and practiced each part of GRE, candidates should take the full test GRE under time pressure like the real exam.
  • Usually, take practice tests: When you only focus on reviewing without spending time on practice, when the exam day approaches you will become more difficult so you need to practice scoring many tests quality from Power Prep, Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Manhattan.
  • Take note of common mistakes: It is inevitable that you will make mistakes in mock tests, write down the correct answers and take the time to review each wrong answer carefully, find out the reason for the mistake, and note the mistakes to correct them in the next tests will help you improve your score.
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  • Reading in a relaxing way: reading books about science, politics, environment, and social issues … as a way to relax will be a good habit to help you in this exam, without too much pressure, just read for amusing. After that, your vocabulary, writing style, and knowledge will automatically improve.
  • Learning vocabulary: the vocabulary in the GRE test is quite wide, so you need to divide your time to learn words reasonably. In addition to understanding the meaning of words and synonyms of words, you must learn them through context and gradual practice. Breaking it down and learning from 10-20 words per day will reduce the pressure of studying a lot.
  • Relax: After you have studied carefully for the exam, you should take the time to keep yourself psychologically comfortable to focus, do not place too much expectation on yourself will cause stress to backfire of the process of how to overcome worries in the GRE exam
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