– When you are about to face a battle called “SSAT exam”, you must have a strong vocabulary to easily get over it. So what are the difficulties in learning SSAT vocabulary?

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Difficulties in learning SSAT vocabulary

As you know, the world of English vocabulary is extremely immense and large, the vocabulary in SSAT program is no different, we also have to “plow day and night” to be able to absorb all the vocabulary that the program brings. Like every international exam that many candidates take part in such as IELTS, TOEIC, SAT, SSAT tests are also given by the exam assessors who consider choosing suitable vocabulary groups to form a test is fair to all candidates.

The amount of SSAT vocabulary is huge and academic, so it is difficult to learn the right focus, especially for the SSAT Middle Level for 5-7 students and the SSAT Upper Level for students in grades 8-11. It’s really not easy to remember all the “difficult” words, maybe more older students also will have a lot of difficulties to be able to remember such a large number of words.

The pronunciation of vocabulary in SSAT is difficult and different from other common English words. Therefore, it will make it difficult for you even if you are confident in your English pronunciation. At this point, you must learn the pronunciation of each word instead of pronouncing it according to English reflects or the usual rules.

Besides, there are many less common words in the SSAT program, so there are many academic vocabularies. Since they are specialized words, you can difficult to contact them much and practice to memorize them. In addition, the SSAT test-preparation vocabulary is also considered rarely used and rare, so it will be more difficult to remember.

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Tip learning SSAT vocabulary effectively

  • Learn vocabulary with increasing difficulty

Dividing the SSAT vocabulary with increasing ranks will help you avoid “fire pipe enter ghost”. You should start from common and basic words first, then continue with increasing difficulty, finally unfamiliar and difficult to pronounce words.

  • Study by topic

This is the method of grouping, logically arranged according to each separate topic. This method is highly effective to help readers feel interested, more active and remember longer, and especially feel more receptive, specifically when it studies topics.

The mistake of many test-takers when practicing is to learn from rampant sesame and not follow any rules. This will make it harder to remember when you have a specific study plan.

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  • Learn vocabulary by taking the test from real exam questions

Learning vocabulary from real SSAT exams can help you fill the vocabulary gap, reinforce the learned vocabulary and familiarize you with the SSAT exam, combine memorization and analysis of vocabulary with skills of processing information, solving situations…

This article shows you the difficulties in learning SSAT vocabulary and how to learn SSAT vocabulary most effectively. I hope you all get good marks on the upcoming SSAT test.

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