– You are preparing to apply for a scholarship, but do not know how much GRE score is required for scholarship. The following article will help you with some information to help you easily hunt for scholarships from your GRE test results.

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Types of scholarships to study abroad

  • Full scholarship: Learners not only get 100% of the tuition but also are provided with a number of living expenses, materials, materials for study and research… Scholarships are usually granted by major organizations in the world such as the European Union’s Erasmus, the Japanese Government Scholarship Fulbright Scholarship of the US Government, the World Bank’s Scholarship, the Australian Development and Leadership Fellowship…
  • Partial scholarship: Support a part of tuition, or a certain amount, or get tuition, and a monthly living allowance… usually due to schools, social organizations, companies, individuals… provide for an entire course, or just a few years of study, a few semesters, or even just a few months, or just a course short-term study such as student exchange scholarships.
  • Post-graduate scholarship: With postgraduate degrees such as masters and PhDs, there are more scholarships, although very competitive, but the opportunity will come when you have an effective GRE study strategy.

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Conditions for applying for a study abroad scholarship

  • Impressive profile: Your application for the scholarship must really impress the place you apply for.
  • Requirements for admission of each type of scholarship: You should study and consider the conditions for applying for a scholarship before deciding to apply because depending on the school, there will be different scholarship selection conditions.
  • Ability to learn and think: Depending on your ability, achievement, and ability to study, your ability to think, the school will make a decision on a full or partial scholarship.
  • International standard test: In addition to the average academic score (GPA), schools will consider additional certificates of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT…

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How much GRE score is required for scholarship?

GRE and TOEFL are the two most important exams for admission to universities especially in the US and UK. Based on the scores of the entrance exams, the top university in the world will accept students and there are several types of scholarships.

Scholarships are usually for those of you with a well-documented and export record. You need to score at least over 165 points in the Quantitative and Verbal section, at least 4.5 points in the Writing section of GRE, as well as TOEFL test requires 110 points to receive the scholarship.

You have to know how much GRE score is required for scholarship already. Let’s plan to get a GRE score to hunt for scholarships together.

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