– In addition to going to GRE exam preparation centers, many students choose to self-study at home to save time and money. However, you will also face many difficulties. Therefore, the following article shares a guide to effective self-study GRE at home.

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Why is GRE certificate difficult?

First of all, we need to know the factors that make GRE exam preparation difficult to have appropriate studying ways.

  • Vocabulary depth in many areas: Almost half of the Verbal test consists of complex and obscure words, making it more time-consuming for students to practice vocabulary.
  • Requirements for solid Math knowledge: GRE’s types of Math only require the test taker to master common formulas, including basic geometry, algebra, tables, and graphs, as well as basic statistics.
  • Confusing test: ETS test panel increases the difficulty of the GRE test by trapping words in questions.
  • Time pressure: Based on the distribution of the test, test takers have 1 minute and 30 seconds to answer each Verbal sentence and 1 minute 45 seconds for each Quantitative sentence. The pressure increases when you spend so much time on one sentence, making the remaining sentences shorter and shorter.

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Guide to effective self-study GRE at home

  • Have a detailed study plan: For those who self-study, GRE at home need to set up a learning plan as scientific, methodical as possible, divided tasks in detail each day and must comply with that plan.
  • Find the right study materials of the free resources: You can refer to the guide to effective self-study GRE at home to ETS resources, including the guidebook, GRE Math review, Magoosh vocabulary learning apps, and free books. Depending on your current level and you choose the suitable materials, you can take the actual GRE test to determine your strengths and weaknesses, then finding materials will be easier. For example, when you need to master the basic concepts and practice questions, you can consult the Official Guide to GRE. When you want to do many exercises to improve your skills, you can refer to Kaplan’s book with many different types of exercises.
  • Learn more from articles: Every day you can read 2 or 3 more New York Times, Economics, American Science and can take notes, mark up good expressions or GRE phrases. This is a way to help you increase your knowledge and vocabulary to practice writing essays.

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  • Innovating vocabulary learning: This is one of the guides to effective self-study GRE at home. Vocabulary plays an extremely important role in the GRE. A rich vocabulary of English will be very advantageous for the GRE test process. We often see a lot of materials, books with GRE vocabulary lists, but how can we “eat up” thousands of these words? Instead of just learning like before, you can study by finding meanings of new words in both English and Vietnamese, and associate that word with pictures, or imagine the story related to words so that you can memorize longer.
  • Master Math formulas and do exercises regularly: In the Quantitative section, you have to explain and analyze quantitative information, solve problems using mathematical models such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry… Although the problems are not too difficult for the common ground of Vietnamese students, who have learned advanced knowledge from high schools, there are many traps, clever use of words, and tricks to deceive students.
  • Focus on solving GRE tests when approaching the exam: After accumulating vocabulary or practicing the exercises of each different part, about 1-2 months before the exam, you should only focus on solving GRE tests to get used to the pressures of time and to practice reflexes with possible problems in real exam.

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