– GRE is a test that assesses the admission requirements of graduate programs in the US in natural and social majors (except Medicine, Pharmacy, Law). To achieve good results you need to have experience choosing suitable GRE materials. 

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Difficulties when preparing for GRE

A lot of vocabulary: too many resources make it difficult to find the right material for you, you need to choose the list that you have met in the real exam. Through learning start with a few words and then gradually increase to consolidate and supplement vocabulary. My goal is to memorize as many words as possible and learn to combine words without forgetting the beginning.

Extensive math knowledge: Although the Math in the GRE test is fairly easy, involving only general knowledge, it will assess situational analysis and basic math skills, so it is easy to confuse with concepts like mean, median, median, median, mode. In addition, remembering clearly to quickly do the exact items: numerator, denominator, least common multiple, greatest common divisor, rules for reading exponents, etc., is also a challenge so you must grasp it. Be sure to know all the sections.

Writing takes a lot of practice time: After learning vocabulary, you also have to spend time practicing essay writing skills because the higher the score, the more advantages will be. Some schools require a writing score of no less than 3.0 or 3.5 so you need to set aside time and focus on the writing section.

Improper time arrangement: investing and arranging the right time will help you reduce stress as well as forget words because many times when you look at familiar words but can’t remember, then look at the exam schedule to see the time passing too fast.

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Experience choosing suitable GRE materials

  • Find information with tutorials: some suggestions for you would be: or  Magoosh.com5 lb book of questions. Through these websites you will get more practice than just learning theory.
  • Don’t waste time or money: to avoid using sources that lack information, you can refer to The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test, 2nd Edition (GRE: The Official Guide to the General Test) 
  • Use free software: through the typical ETS web pages offered by PowerPrep II you will learn analysis and reasoning that will help you apply well to the actual practice test
  • Memorize vocabulary through flashcards: Magoosh cards or flash Kaplan will help memorizing vocabulary will be very helpful for you to reduce headaches and do well in exams
  • Understand the contextual meaning of advanced vocabulary: to get high marks in high-level reading and language skills you need to choose the right words into sentences based on context as well as analyze your main ideas. paragraphs and detailed summaries.
  • Reference essay: based on the structured approach of sample articles on the ETS website, you will come up with a personal thesis and learn the structure and classification of long articles to complete this important part
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Through the experience choosing suitable GRE materials below are some documents you can refer to:

The ETS Official Guide

The Official Verbal Practice Book

The Official Quantitative Practice Book

4 online tests on the ETS GRE website (two free, two paid)

The Big Book (Old GRE with 27 tests)

Two free paper-based GRE PDFs floating around the internet

ScoreItNow service (pay $20 to have the ETS e-rater system grade your essays)

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