– Looking for materials to review for any exam makes you confused, GRE exam is no exception. Here are the top 5 popular GRE exam preparation materials that many people recommend.

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Top 5 popular GRE exam preparation materials

  • “GRE Prep Plus 2020”

GRE Prep Plus 2020 is a book that gives you a complete overview of GRE in the form of an online exam. The book includes a detailed explanation of each section with 6 practice tests (5 online and 1 in the book), 500 exam preparation questions by topic with many chapters for GRE Math skills and other question types.

  • “Official GRE Super Power Pack, Second Edition”

This is a set of books that guarantees structural accuracy with the real exam. The book includes 4 practice exams (2 in the book and 2 online), 600 practice questions along with many other exams with detailed answers. In addition, the author also points out tips for each type of question.

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  • “Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE”

One of the GRE’s phobias is vocabulary. If you ask what role vocabulary learning is in GRE, the answer is extremely important. Having a rich English vocabulary will be a huge advantage that cannot replace the exam process because this is a test that assesses you have enough foreign language skills to study in a fully qualified graduate environment. “Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE” is a book that helps you master vocabulary, how to apply, and analyze in complex contexts along with 800 most common words and definitions of each used word. The answers are included in the practice tests.

  • “McGraw-Hill Education Conquering GRE Math, Third Edition”

Although there are many GRE test prep books that provide Math tutorials, “McGraw-Hill Education Conquering GRE Math, Third Edition” is a full content book consisting of 3 full practice exercises close to the real exam and helps you to review detailed knowledge of statistics, algebra, arithmetic, and geometry vocabulary.

  • “GRE Reading Comprehension & Essays (Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides)”

This is an in-depth guide to the analytical and reading comprehension sections on the GRE test from the basic principles and mandatory testing rules. In addition, the book includes practice questions for short or long passages, detailed explanations of the reading passages, and how to identify each type of question, so you will know how to approach each question without wasting much time.

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What to look out for other than choosing the popular GRE exam preparation materials?

  • Master of the exam structure.
  • Make the plan that matches your own level.
  • Be patient and consistent with your desired score goal.

Hopefully, these top 5 popular GRE exam preparation materials suggestions will help you reduce the time you need to choose the suitable materials and achieve the desired high score.

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