– Many companies often require or motivate employees to take an MBA when they reach a certain level of management despite having a PhD. MBA degree can be selected for study by any university major and can be practiced directly in work, so many of you wonder can GRE be applied for MBA?

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Why do study for an MBA?

MBA is a Master of Business Administration degree that focuses on management training, with a focus on professional practice rather than academia. MBA offers you more value to help strengthen your business acumen, expand professional relationships, and have more career development opportunities than ever before.

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When you reach a certain level of management, the company you are working for may require or motivate you to take an MBA, or you can take an MBA when you desire to further develop your future career direction. Normally, those who choose to study for MBA will range from 5-7 years to work with practical experience, the age will be from 26-30 years old, the number of years of experience is about 4-6 years.

Many people who want to apply for enrollment often wonder if besides GMAT score, can GRE be applied for MBA?

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Can GRE be applied for MBA?

In recent years, US universities have started to accept GRE as a way to attract students to study MBA programs. Universities that accept GMAT and GRE scores equally, do not give priority to the other over this one and an increase in the proportion of applicants who apply for GRE scores has been increased in the United States from Harvard to Stanford.

Although both GMAT and GRE certificates have the same tests: Verbal, Quantitative, and Essay Writing. However, there are differences that contestants should note. While the Verbal section, GRE requires candidates to equip a richer vocabulary, GMAT is inclined to good grammar. In the Quantitative section, GRE and GMAT all have similar knowledge, but most candidates find GMAT questions more confusing and complex than GRE. Now, do you know which certificate is more suitable for you for the MBA entrance exam?

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