– Surely you have read many GRE articles and why does this certificate cause many difficulties and obstacles in practicing? This must discourage you from wanting to apply for the GRE test, but is learning GRE as difficult as you think?

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How difficult is the GRE test?

GRE test is more difficult than stars with the SAT or ACT. Why is that? GRE is more difficult than SAT and ACT because GRE is a postgraduate certificate, so it uses a wide variety of specialized vocabulary in questions and texts, making many students unable to grasp the test requirements. In addition, although only using the knowledge of Math in general, Math in GRE requires students to have high-level thinking skills.

GRE test questions focus on testing a student’s thinking in Verbal and Quantitative, so compared to standardized tests like MCAT, GMAT, or LSAT, the GRE test is relatively “easy to breathe”, because the exams above have more difficult Math questions and require more specific knowledge of certain areas.

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Is learning GRE as difficult as you think?

Many people may say that GRE is very difficult and GRE exam preparation is very stressful, but don’t worry and panic. Not everything in GRE is complicated and difficult, here are a few factors that make the GRE test simpler than you think:

  1. This is a multiple-choice test: One thing you should remember, since it is a multiple-choice test (except for the Analytical Writing section), no matter how difficult the questions in the Verbal or Quantitative section are, then you always have the answer. The test taker will not be penalized for choosing the wrong answer, so if you do not know how to solve a question, predict the answer in a way that excludes answers you think are high to be wrong.

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  1. The reading comprehension questions have answers in the reading: Reading Comprehension requires students to read a passage on a certain topic and answer related questions. It sounds a bit depressing, but this part is easier than you think because you can find the clues of the answer in the text without having to make your own inference.
  2. No need for knowledge of higher-level Math: Although the Math problems make many people have to “brainstorm”, but actually GRE only focuses on testing common types of Math with lower difficulty level than the other international certificates such as GMAT, LSAT, MCAT… Moreover, the Quantitative section has no questions about trigonometry and calculus, don’t worry too much.

Although not much, but hopefully these factors help you feel more confident and assertive in the exam preparation. So, in your opinion, is learning GRE as difficult as you think?

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