– ACT score is used for universities to evaluate and examine the enrolling students. Let’s find out the secret to improve ACT scores in a short time so that getting a high score in ACT is no longer an obstacle.

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How appropriate should we spend on ACT?

Practice duration spent on ACT will depend on your desired score. There is the below references for getting the corresponding number of study hours:

  • 0-1 point improvement: 10 hours
  • 1-2 point improvement: 20 hours
  • 2-4 point improvement: 40 hours
  • 4-6 point improvement: 80 hours
  • 6-9 point improvement: 150 hours+

You may find that the higher your score is, the more time you spend preparing for ACT. So what is the secret to improve ACT scores in a short time?

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The secret to improve ACT score in a short time

  • Learn ACT format: Regardless of any exam or subject, it is necessary to understand relevant information including test time, scoring calculation, and especially exam format. A standardized test will include 4 compulsory sections (English, Math, Reading, Science) and 1 optional section (Writing). Each section will have the amount of time and scoring method based on its own criteria, take notes on a lot of mock tests based on these criteria to get high scores in each section particularly and the overall score generally.
  • Track your progress through practice tests: The best way to track your progress is through practice tests or mock tests. Once you are totally serious about improving scores shortly, the amount of time you spend on ACT is more. Therefore, the results will get better day by day.

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  • Review each test section: To improve your ACT scores quickly, you need to identify which section is causing you the most difficulty and how to minimize these obstacles while studying.
    • For English: ACT focuses on language proficiency testing, so this is an important section you need to master. The critical concepts in English section: rhetorical skills (40-55%); sentence structure (20-25%); punctuation (10-15%) and grammar and usage (10-15%).
    • For Math: Before delving into higher-level Math concepts, make sure that you have firmly grasped the basics that will definitely appear in this section such as pre-algebra (20-25%); plane geometry (20-25%); elementary algebra (15-20%); intermediate algebra (15-20%); coordinate geometry (15-20%) and trigonometry (5-10%).
    • For Science: This section is fairly simple because it does not contain the background knowledge in Biology or Chemistry, but only tends to test the test-takers understanding of some fundamental concepts. It is important that you know how to study scientifically the basic topics covered in the test.
    • For Reading: There are three steps which you can refer to in this section: read the question and skim the paragraph first, then carefully read the section and note the passages containing information related to the questions, and finally reread the section and check the answers. Reading skills need to be practiced many times through practice tests and mock tests, it also requires patience to complete the real ACT test in the best way.

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In addition, to improve the ACT score in a short time, pay attention to the mistakes that test-takers often make such as: being too hasty into doing the test makes you get unnecessary mistakes or get the wrong understanding about the order; spending too much time on every question will affect the following ones, affect your mind leading to unable to complete in time; not checking is also one of the mistakes many ACT test-takers make… – A place to share all the experiences of Test Prep exams such as SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE… for students preparing to study abroad. If you have any questions, please contact us directly by email or hotline for free advice.