– ACT (American College Testing) is a certificate that assesses the knowledge learned in high school. To conquer this exam, you need to have solid knowledge and the best free online ACT prep resources.

Before starting to study for the official exam, you need to understand the structure of the exam questions so that you can study carefully and do well in the official exam.

ACT exam structure

The ACT is one of two international standardized tests required to apply to universities in the United States. The test will test the candidate’s ability to use language, sentence structure, and math ability, and data analysis. The ACT test consists of 215 questions and 1 optional essay.

The ACT test consists of 4 required sections: English, Mathematics, Reading và Science, and Essay (optional).

English: 75 questions- 45 minutes

Mathematics: 60 questions – 60 minutes

Reading: 40 questions – 35 minutes

Writing (optional): 40 minutes

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The best free online ACT prep resources

Although there are many sources of ACT practice tests on online platforms such as websites or apps, not all resources are worth referencing and are close to the real ACT test. will introduce you to some of the best free online ACT prep resources where you can find practice tests and study materials that match your ability. This is a website chosen by many students to prepare for the ACT exam, this web provides a wide range of free study materials to prepare for the official test such as test-taking materials, tips, test descriptions, etc. You can also access timed and untimed sample questions for sections.

This is considered a learning platform that meets all your ACT needs, not only practice tests, the site provides a lot of material, but if you take the ACT preparation course, it will cost you more money because they include sample quizzes and video lessons that explain concepts and test-taking strategies to get the most out of them.

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Princeton Review: This is a website many of you choose because not only is it free to prepare for the ACT online, but it is also a website that provides a full range of free and quality online courses.

After completing the free online practice ACT test, you’ll receive an in-depth score report that identifies your greatest strengths and weaknesses, making it easy to tailor your study path accordingly.

Plus, you can also take advantage of the free trial so you can create your own test strategy and watch more practice video lessons and practice exercises.

Kaplan: Kaplan is a reputable book publisher for most of the famous test prep, in addition to the paper version, Kaplan also offers students a variety of options including free and paid online courses.

Just by signing up for an account you can choose from different types of free ACT practice tests such as: ACT half-length practice tests – the ACT practice test is half the length of the real test to familiarize you with the test structure, ACt pop quiz – every ACT question is close to the real test and has detailed explanations for each question, ACT question of the day – daily practice test mode emailed to you to complete it.

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