– When preparing for any standardized test, practice tests are just as important as the books and study materials. Top 5 free online SSAT practice test websites will help you understand thoroughly what you will encounter on the official test day.

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If you are hoping to enroll in a US elementary, middle, or high school, you’ve probably heard of the SSAT. Often used as an entrance exam, SSAT is a series of standardized tests designed to assess students from grade 3 to 11.

The SSAT test consists of 3 different levels and each has different length, grading scale and the number of questions on the test:

Quantitative (math): Examine students on algebra, geometry and math concepts.

Reading comprehension: The question requires reading and understanding short passages of about 250-350 words

Verbal: test about synonyms, the relationship between words and nuances of words in a sentence

Writing: does not count towards the overall score

While there aren’t as many sources of SSAT practice tests as other standardized entrance exams such as SAT or ACT, there are still top 5 free online SSAT practice test websites where you can search for test questions suitable for your level.

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Top 5 free online SSAT practice test websites

  • Ivy Global

Ivy Global has free tests and questions sorted according to levels and sections. Although the format is different from the actual test, the practice tests on this site are still very helpful in terms of helping students be familiar with the content and difficulty of the test.

Moreover, exam questions can be downloaded and printed out. This is very especially beneficial because the SSAT is a paper-based exam, not a computer-based one.

  • Varsity Tutor

The SSAT practice tests on Varsity Tutor are not only free but they are also the perfect way to improve your test-taking skills. The tests offer a wide variety of questions, but at the same time are very common in the official test. Plus, you’ll get in-depth results reports to help identify your strengths and weaknesses.


This website is extremely useful for candidates who are preparing for Reading, Verbal and Writing sections. offers official SSAT practice tests with answer keys that you can download as PDF for free.

In addition to helping students discover the overall test format and skills needed for the SSAT, the website also helps you understand more clearly about the types of questions in each section of the test.

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  • Enrollment Management Association (EMA)

The Enrollment Management Association (EMA) is the administrative organization of the SSAT. The website provides practice tests that are similar in content and duration to the real tests. Users can sign up for a free mock test, and you can also learn your strengths and areas for improvement through the mock test sections. EMA now also has a part that recommends review materials that are suitable for your current level, making your consolidation of knowledge extremely effective and timely.


This website not only provides SSAT practice tests, but those of other popular exams such as SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE as well as certificates like TOEIC and TOEFL are also available here. However, the questions on are not quite the same as what you see in the official test. Another disadvantage is that you can only view one question at a time and take the test online, without the option to download and print out on paper. This is not recommended for a paper-based exam like SSAT. Nonetheless, it is still a useful resource for you to improve your test-taking skills.

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