– SSAT beginners often feel lost because they do not know where to start. So how to search and identify SSAT self-study methods for beginners appropriately?

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Should self-study for SSAT?

When you start exam preparation for any exam, you often worry about finding the centers and a tutor to sign up for intense study without focusing on choosing the right exam preparation methods with your level and desired score. SSAT exam preparation is varied in the formats, but not everyone has the same exam study routes. You might have felt that self-study is very easy, so far, self-study is no exception for exams, but those who are not comfortable with self-study have to find suitable tutoring centers for the professional help from them. Regardless of your choice of exam preparation method, you should also consider the SSAT self-study methods for beginners listed below so that you can choose the method that best suits you.

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SSAT self-study methods for beginners

  • Determine your current and desired score: Whether studying or reviewing for any exam, the first thing you need to do is to set goals for yourself because clear goal orientation will motivate you to study and help you not to be slack in the preparation process. The best way to set a goal is to take time to figure out what your favorite school scores are, and then use that school’s scores to set goals for yourself.
  • Create a specific and easy-to-use exam preparation schedule: The minimum you need to prepare for SSAT is at least 6 months. The structure includes a wide range of general and language knowledge so takes at least an hour per day to learn vocabulary and re-system knowledge. In addition, you should focus on the weakness first, for the parts you have grasped, just need to spend time reviewing and doing many mock exams.
  • Searching for more outside documents and knowledge: SSAT exam is quite popular, so there will certainly be people who have taken the exam and in the preparation process like you, you can join the forums and groups practice experience… Maybe you will choose books that are suitable for your level and collect more tips for doing good exams.

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Every preparation method will have strengths and drawbacks depending on the individual’s compatibility, you should try all the methods from self-study to get help from exam preparation centers to find a suitable study method which is most suitable for you.

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