– As we all know, SSAT is an exam for students from grades 3 to 11 to study in the US or Canada. So, at such a young age, they are prone to anxiety and it is completely understandable to understand how to overcome the SSAT test anxiety?

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Where does anxiety come from?

  • No experience in participating in international exams

At the age of 3rd to 11th grade, except for students from international schools who have participated in international exams such as Checkpoint or IGCSE, most students have little opportunity to take a standardized test like SSAT. This makes them inexperienced with international exams and easily confused from the exam room atmosphere to the experience of handling arising situations.

  • Mentality

Students are prone to many psychological problems such as:

– Fear of not getting the expected score

– Fear of difficult questions

– Fear of time pressure

– Fear of exam room atmosphere

So in the process of studying, if you don’t find a solution for how to overcome the SSAT test anxiety, it will easily lead to psychological insecurity and affect the results in the real exam.

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How to overcome the SSAT test anxiety?

Firstly, we certainly cannot reduce our anxiety about things without understanding them, of course the SSAT is no exception. You should learn carefully about: the structure of the exam, the content of the test sections, how to calculate scores, penalty scores, how to register for the exam and what to prepare, … to have a suitable review orientation and preparation.

Next, we will address each of the fears outlined above in a few suggested ways:

  • Fear of not getting the expected score: To get rid of the fear of score, you must make a reasonable review plan for yourself. You must make a clear timetable, specifically from the beginning of the study to the day before the exam, consider which period is suitable to review which part and have a reasonable rest between periods. Determine where your strengths and weaknesses are and allocate practice time for each section.
  • Fear of difficult questions: The way to overcome this anxiety is to confront it regularly. In the process of practicing for the SSAT before the test, it is inevitable that you will encounter questions that are too much for you. Instead of skipping it forever and just doing the easy questions and accepting a low score, why don’t you take the time to solve them? Because you are only in the process of learning, you still have a lot of time, any new questions that have never been encountered before will definitely make it difficult for you, instead of skipping, learn how to solve, when you practice enough, then you will naturally form reflexes and master the solution when you meet the same pattern again in the official test later.

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  • Fear of time pressure: Practice endurance because the SSAT lasts about 3 hours, it will be a tiring challenge if you have not practiced to get used to it many times before, so after learning SSAT test questions and practice solving each part of the test, you should take the full test under time pressure like the real exam in the period 1 month before the official exam to get used to it under time pressure, from there, adjusting the time allocation strategy as reasonable as possible.
  • Fear of exam room atmosphere: This is no one’s concern, in the serious atmosphere of any exam it is easy for most candidates to worry. The secret is to “relax” after you have studied carefully for the exam, then you have nothing to fear, the results are positive or not, you have given yourself an opportunity to try and get used to an international exam, there are still opportunities ahead because the SSAT is held several times a year. So, keep yourself mentally comfortable to focus, don’t be too stressed, which is counterproductive of the whole process.

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