– For SAT, when you get higher scores, you will have a better chance of being competitive than other candidates, but aside from the highest score, how much SAT score is required?

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Nowadays, a lot of students are interested in SAT because it is one of the important factors determining the result of their application for admission to international schools.

SAT scale is from 400 to 1600. With the question of how much SAT score is required, there is no exact answer because the answer depends on the colleges and universities you want to apply to.

For popular schools, you only need SAT score from 1200 to 1400 to meet or even outstand the school’s requirements. Here are some schools:

School 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
University of North Texas 1060 1250
Eastern Michigan 970 1190
University of Arkansas 1120 1300
Missouri State 1040 1240
University of Mississippi 1020 1250
Hampton University 1030 1160
University of Houston 1140 1310
Florida State University 1200 1340

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 As for the more prestigious, quality, famous, and best-ranked schools in the world, the higher SAT score required. For example, SAT score requirement of Ivy League schools:

School 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Harvard University 1580 1460
Princeton University 1570 1440
Yale University 1560 1470
Columbia University 1560 1450
University of Pennsylvania 1560 1440
Brown University 1550 1420
Dartmouth College 1550 1450
Cornell University 1540 1420

SAT test as a preliminary measure of what a student has learned over time and how can perform academically in university but they are only one of many factors considered in the admissions process.

How much SAT score is required depends on other factors such as GPA; English level; impressive essays; participated in extracurricular activities related to wisdom, leadership style, or community activities; reputable letter of recommendation, confidence in interviewing…

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Therefore, when choosing and preparing for the SAT you should:

  • Make a list of the colleges and universities that you want to apply to.
  • Find out about the school’s admission requirements, especially SAT scores.
  • Set a target for your SAT score.
  • Then plan to practice and regularly do mock tests to determine your own level and adjust accordingly.

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