– After fully grasping the basic information about the SAT, having chosen the appropriate preparation books suitable for your level, then you need to begin to solve the question: “How many hours to prepare for SAT?” Three months? Six months? Or even a year?

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How to know how many hours to prepare for SAT?

  • Determine your score goal: The higher your score goal will be proportional to the more effort you spend. You need to determine how much time each day, each week, each month you have to devote to practice for this test. Are you a busy student? If you have too many extracurricular activities or take loads of extra classes, then the time you spend for exam preparation is not much, then obviously, those who fully focus on their exam preparation will have much time to study than those do not.  
  • Set the official test date: Choosing a specific time to take the official test can help you plan your exam preparation effectively. You should not choose exam dates and preparation times too close together, the urgent revision can negatively affect your mental health from which the results are not as expected. In addition, you should also choose the period of time when there are not many interrupting things but fully focus on exam preparation.

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  • Plan for exam review: For the first few weeks of the SAT preparation process, it is not necessary to jump into practice or cram too much knowledge at once. The thing to do with the first weeks of practice is to self-review the knowledge gaps, check what parts you have learned, what are your weaknesses that need to be improved and take notes.

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Factors that can affect exam preparation duration

You may spend much time than expected if: 

  • Learn more but get less: Maybe the exam preparation schedule or the way of acquiring knowledge is not right for you, you should suspend applying the knowledge and rearrange the schedule to plan a more suitable study route.
  • Be easily distracted: This often happens when the learning environment is not quite enough or is distracted by many external factors. Recommendations: Turn off the phone ringing, temporarily delete entertainment applications, and if you like listening to music while studying, Baroque or classical non-verbal music will be the choice for you.

Based on the score you would like to achieve on SAT, determining how many hours to prepare for the SAT and scheduling the plan carefully and specifically as possible. Normally, those who have a good background of knowledge on Mathematics and English, it takes at least 3 months to get an SAT score of about 1400, in case those who are with poor performance will take longer from 4 months to 6 months. As for students with higher score goals from 1480 – 1600, they must have the very good background knowledge and practice for at least 6 consecutive months.

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