– GRE is a post-graduate exam that is assessed with quite high difficulty, but with the following top 5 free online GRE practice test websites will help you feel more confident when entering the official exam.

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GRE is a standardized competency test for universities to admit candidates to graduate programs in the US in different majors. There are 2 types of GRE test: GRE General and GRE Subject. The GRE General test assesses candidates for Language ability and Mathematical reasoning. The GRE Subject tests candidates’ specialized knowledge in 8 fields: Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science,… Around the world, about half a million people take the  GRE general test every year compared to a few students who choose the GRE Subject test, because most schools just require GRE General and only reputable schools that are highly competitive require candidates to take GRE Subject certificates to prove their ability to outperform other candidates.

In the review process, after you have prepared yourself with the background knowledge and familiarity with the GRE test structure, the next important stage will be to practice the GRE test continuously to assess your strengths and weaknesses in order to find the best way to get the best score. will introduce to you the top 5 free online GRE practice test websites so that you can practice right on your computer similar to the official GRE exam, which is also completely computer-based.

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Top 5 free online GRE practice test websites

  • Test guide
    • A relatively large source of GRE tests with a relatively large number of GRE practice tests.
    • There are approximately 1500 practice questions, 6 official GRE tests from EST. Additional, learning tips, specific strategies for each section
  • My GRE tutor
    • Provide questions for the whole test and math and verbal review, Essays and Writing well, Vocab tutor
    • Detailed itinerary, according to the timetable that suits you to complete the official exam in the best way

The website offers free registration with a limited number of practice questions, you only need to pay a small fee of about $ 20 to get unlimited access to all the materials on the web for 6 months. This is a worthy fee as they’re not really that high, but they’re pretty helpful GRE studying resources.

  • Kaplan
    • The full-length practice tests are quite close to the actual test with detailed explanation videos.
    • The practice questions are varied and of high quality.
    • You need to register an account to be able to access and take the free test.

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  • 800 score
    • Website with quality of the test is relatively high, the faculty from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale or Oxford
    • There are plenty of clips that guide extremely detailed homework skills. You can post questions to the forum for other members to discuss
  • 4 test
    • This is a website that specializes in providing free tests for not only GRE but also SAT, ACT, AP, GED, GMAT, …
    • The number of tests is usually quite small and the quality is not as good as other websites because the test is quite diverse, suitable for different exams, so the number of tests is not much and the quality is not as good as the specialized websites. different, but it will be quite suitable for you who are entering this exam for the first time.

The above information has helped you more or less in finding effective mock test sites. In addition to the top 5 free online GRE practice test websites above, you can refer to other websites:  Mc-Graw Hill Education, GRE® General Test, … to prepare mentally for the upcoming exam.

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