– GMAT preparation materials are not only paper documents, finding the best free online GMAT prep resources is also a necessary choice in the test preparation process. We will give you some suggestions to help you choose the most appropriate online exam preparation resources.

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 GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized test to assess the level and ability of postgraduate students to apply, a condition when applying to graduate programs in business administration at US or Canada universities.

In order to achieve high scores in the GMAT, you need to take advantage of the best free online GMAT prep resources to supplement the preparation process along with taking the test in the book.

Through this article, we will provide you with the best materials to help your GMAT prep work. However, remember that in order to bring out your full potential in the GMAT exam, you need to have a reasonable and regular study plan so that the learning process is continuous and effective.

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The best free online GMAT prep resources

Veritas Prep: Free Question Bank of website Veritas quite complete including sections with more questions constantly being added and there is a timer so you can do the quiz from this site regularly with just 10 questions a day each section will help you develop your skills that are comprehensive. When you take the test on this website, you will get results that are closest to the real test score. GMATPREP has a number of test preparation questions for each section and 2 complete questions, so if you don’t know what your ability level is, take this test to determine the appropriate further study path.

Kplan: This is considered a quality website when you register, but when using free test preparation materials, it is necessary to understand that the scores will not be close as when you take the actual exam.

Gmatclub: To get the test you need to pay a fee, but sometimes there are contests on facebook of Gmatclub when you answer the question correctly and the fastest you will get 3 months of free using, these tests will make you are satisfied because these are considered quite good and difficult tests in the Quantitative section, the Verbal sections will be considered normal and suitable for all levels.

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Test Prep Practice: The website provides tests that are considered extremely high-quality, free, and also provides many other utilities not only for the test but also a list of some quality GMAT books, and GMAT information or experiences.

Platinum GMAT: You can do individual questions or do a full test and you can also save a history of tests or short questions done, and continue to do it again in the next practice. This website can also find useful information about MBA here. Overall, with a free price, Platinum GMAT is a great address for those who want to conquer this exam.

Mcgraw Hill: One of the most sought after websites by parents and students, this can be considered a website that provides a full range of tests and easy to understand and detailed step-by-step video tutorials.

4tests: Candidates cannot avoid the temptation of this website because this is considered a place with a lot of quality free tests but not in depth due to the variety of exam questions, so the number of tests is not much and quality not equal to other specialized websites.

The best free online GMAT preparation resources mentioned above have both pros and cons. Therefore, it is essential that you clearly define what your needs are in order to find the right review material for your level.

Hopefully the above list of the best free online GMAT prep resources will help you in this competitive exam.

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