– You are preparing to take the GMAT exam for admission requirements for graduate programs in the US in economic disciplines. Here are some effective GMAT exam preparation materials.

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How to get the best results on the GMAT without quitting in the middle? Some effective GMAT exam preparation materials below will guide you in effective reading and memorization. Where to learn, you will practice with the exercises there.

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STT Textbooks Advantages Disadvantages
1 The GMAT Uncovered
  • Help understand the structure and content of the exam.
2 Kaplan Math Workbook
  • For those who have basic math knowledge and have a little time for exam preparation.
  • The book does not include Probability and Combinations.
3 Manhattan 
  • The set of 5 volumes includes Fractions, Decimals, Percent; Algebra; Word Problems; Geometry; Number Properties.
  • 5 fairly long books take quite a long time.
4 GMAT Club Math Book
  • Helps you to reinforce Sentence Correction and Reading Comprehension.
  • Exam results with real test scores.
  • Discern your abilities.
  • The test is a bit longer than the real one, but you will get detailed results.
6 Manhattan
  • Helping you to check your knowledge and skills.
  • The topics are of high difficulty and not really close to the real exam.
  • The suitable psychological challenge before the exam.
  • The exam is more difficult than the real exam.


  • Provides useful information about MBA and top business schools in the world.
  • Free practice tests, questions are categorized by level (Low-500, Medium-600, High-700).
  • Quantitative is quite good and difficult.
  • The number of free GMAT tests available on this website is quite limited.

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Besides some effective GMAT exam preparation materials, so how to get the highest GMAT result?

  • Estimate the number of words to learn, divide the words to learn into groups.
  • Read a lot of articles, textbooks, research papers to increase your academic vocabulary to help you remember longer.
  • Do as many exams as possible to find out where you are weak, you will know where you need to start.
  • Focus on analyzing questions, not just on right or wrong.

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