– Based on the experience of many people, in terms of difficulty, GRE always loses to GMAT, but is learning GMAT as difficult as you think? What factors cause that difficulty?

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How difficult is GMAT?

GMAT is difficult, but why is it so difficult? Simply because GMAT is used to evaluate the competitor’s ability in a specific environment is Economics. According to many students, the GMAT test is difficult in many different aspects, most of the pressure and confuse students in the process of doing the test. Here are some factors that answer the question “Is learning GMAT as difficult as you think”:

  1. Time pressure: The average time for the GMAT exam is about 3 hours so prepare yourself for the persistent test. In terms of time, a candidate only has 30 minutes to write the Analytical Writing Assessment, 30 minutes to answer 12 Integrated Reasoning questions, 62 minutes to do 31 Quantitative questions and 65 minutes to complete 36 Verbal questions. Omitting questions in each section will have a direct effect on your overall score.
  2. Requiring good English skills: GMAT uses many specialized English words in the Verbal and Writing test to increase the difficulty. For students who do not speak English well, this is a real nightmare.

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  1. Complex questions that require many different steps to solve: Many questions or problems in GMAT require students to answer all of the steps to get points, not scoring each part of the question. In addition, the use of words in GMAT test questions confuses many candidates, causing them to “get lost” not knowing how to start.
  2. Forget about high school Math: Quantitative mainly covers general concepts that you may have forgotten since high school. For many people who do not major in Math or do not often use the knowledge of Math such as trigonometry, arithmetic, geometry…, this section becomes quite a hindrance.

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Is learning GMAT as difficult as you think?

Learning the GMAT is difficult, but the GMAT test also has some properties that ease the anxiety of most GMAT’s test-takers:

  1. GMAT is very predictable: What students should keep in mind is that GMAT is a standardized test, which means it will have a certain structure with certain types of exercises. From there, you can know in advance what to avoid and what to improve by practicing. In addition, GMAT questions (except for the Analytical Writing section) are multiple-choice and don’t ask any tips, so your work will be less stressful.
  2. Math questions without complicated calculations: As mentioned above, the Quantitative section only focuses on general knowledge, so you do not need to worry about high knowledge. It’s fine to just focus on reviewing old knowledge, especially by memorizing formulas.
  3. Answers can be found in the text: For Verbal questions, all of their answers are in the corresponding reading text. You just need to read and find clues in the text because every question has direct evidence to help you find the answer more easily.

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