– Preparing for GMAT exam is an arduous and laborious process. But in fact, when you take the GMAT exam, you cannot get the score as you expected due to many factors, and surely everyone makes common mistakes during GMAT test below.

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To avoid losing score due to your own subjectivity, as well as having an appropriate and effective method for the exam, you should avoid common mistakes during GMAT test as follows:

Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning sections

  • Spelling mistakes, missing or incorrect information: When finished these sections, some people often do not check and correct the answers, then, unfortunately, losing score. You should take some time to check your answers before submitting the exam.
  • Use a few words, phrases, and sentences to emphasize viewpoints and opinions: This is the reason why your writing is vague or too wordy. You can remember a few good phrases, sentences to get a score for these sections.
  • Making mistakes with the calculation: In the Integrated Reasoning, there are questions about Calculation and Critical Reasoning, candidates can use the virtual calculator on the computer screen, but it is often inconvenient, therefore people usually do the math by mental calculation. You should practice your mental calculation skills or write down your calculation process to easily check your answers.

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Quantitative section

  • Waste time to evaluate questions: The first questions to evaluate the candidate’s ability, if you are right from the beginning, the next question will be more difficult, if you answer wrong, the difficulty of the next questions will be decreased. The score of this section depends on the number of correct answers and the difficulty of the questions. Answering easy questions incorrectly results in a penalty. That is why the candidates often spend too much time focusing on judging difficult questions or easy questions.
  • Read the test uncarefully: Many people are too confident with math knowledge in this section, so they do not pay attention to “tricks” as well as to difficult problems which are using unfamiliar terms.
  • Lack of focus on answers: In Problem Solving, we often read questions first, then think about how to solve them, and finally choose the answers. However, sometimes the answers are the hints that help us find the right answer.
  • Forgetting the formulas: Although you have practiced a lot before the exam, sometimes you can’t avoid forgetting the formulas when you go to the exam room.

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Verbal section

  • The reading comprehension method is not effective: Some people often read the questions first, then skim through the essay or the paragraph to find the answers. However, sometimes in the skimming process, we miss important information for the answer. Other people who read the entire text or carefully read each word, do not have enough time to complete the exam. You can focus on the keywords in the question and then find the synonyms in the paragraph to save time and the answer is more accurate.
  • Inaccurate word and phrase arrangement: In Sentence Correction, you will be not only test grammar, coherence, but also how to arrange words and phrases in a suitable way to avoid making sentences change the meaning, lengthy, causing misunderstanding.
  • Unreasonable time allocation: Time for each question fluctuates from 1 to 2 minutes, but sometimes you waste too much time on a single question, so there is not enough time for the remaining question.

Now you already know common mistakes during GMAT test. Hope the above information can help you in your way to gain the GMAT.

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