– If you took the ACT more than once and you think the superscore will be in your favor. So you know what is ACT superscore?

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ACT certificate

ACT test consists of 4 compulsory sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science, in addition to an additional optional Writing with time duration as follows:

  • English: 75 questions – 45 minutes
  • Math: 60 questions – 60 minutes
  • Reading: 40 questions – 35 minutes
  • Science: 40 questions – 35 minutes
  • Essay: 1 essay – 40 minutes

ACT score is calculated based on 4 parts: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Each section is scored on a scale of 1-36. The official score will be equal to the average of the 4 above sections. However, to get into the top university, the score must be 30 or higher. Writing section is optional and if you choose it, the score for this section will be individually graded on a scale of 1-12.

From 2015 onwards, Writing section changes the lesson time from 30 minutes to 40 minutes and this is still an optional part. However, some universities will require students to take the Writing exam, so you should thoroughly understand the requirements of each school before deciding whether to register for this test or not.

Universities will appreciate your exam results when you do an additional essay (optional), through the essay they can evaluate your views and logical thinking most clearly.

This is only a brief overview of the ACT certification. Here we will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of superscore. Besides, that will answer for you to understand what is ACT superscore?

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What is ACT superscore?

When universities colleges use ACT superscore, that means they take the highest score for each subject you got on any given day. Then, average these scores so that you end up with the highest possible total score. Here is a concrete example of how the score is calculated.

Month English Math Reading Science
April 24 23 21 22
June 23 24 23 23
September 22 21 22 24


Calculate the average by adding up the four highest component points above and dividing by 4, then rounding to the nearest whole number.

– Add four-component points: 24 + 24 + 23 + 24 = 95

– Divide the total score by 4: 95÷ 4 = 23.5

– Round to the nearest integer: 24

  • Your ACT superscore is 24.

Currently, most schools from the average to the top of the US accept the superscore with its own policies. This policy can be found on the school’s admissions page, usually in the admission requirements section.

Although superscore helps ease your retesting mentality, you shouldn’t take the ACT multiple times as good and overuse it. Schools can still see all the scores you submit, which may affect the evaluation of your application.

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For example, if you took the ACT more than five times and your scores went up and down erratically, the headhunter may wonder if you are serious about exam planning and whether this result is really a measure of your skills.

In general, as long as you don’t overdo it too many times, taking the second or third ACT exam will help your chances of getting accepted at schools that use superscore.

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