– You are a high school student preparing to take ACT exam for college admission. How to get 36 points? Here are top 5 useful ACT exam preparation websites s to help you learn the best.

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Top 5 useful ACT exam preparation websites

ACT is a standardized test used to measure the academic performance of high school students and is one of the prerequisites for admission to universities in the US. In order to effectively study and shorten study time, the right resources play a very important role.

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STT Website Advantages Disadvantages
1 ACT Online Prep  


  • Provides exercises containing the commonly asked question types on the ACT test.
  • Help test some homework skills.
  • There are also features such as an online game that helps students test knowledge and compete scores with friends.
  • Can be used on phone.
The fee is 39.95 USD.


Prep Scholar ACT
  • Online customized automatically.
  • Make a diagnosis to find levels in over 40 different ACT skills.
  • Create a customized weekly study plan.
  • Aligning content to your skill level helps you improve your score as much as possible.
It can be purchased for 399 USD.
3 ACT Club
  • Provides ACT test with practice questions.
  • Help you familiarize yourself with the instructions and format, and then review, analyze and answer questions to see if you are correct or not.
  • Includes practice tests complete with scoring keys and prompts.
4 Math Brain Booster
  • Increased focus, response, and agility.
  • Solve math questions in a given time period.
  • Participate in many fun, simple, and very effective games to practice standard exams.
  • The number of questions is large and varied, divided into many topics.
5 Erica Meltzer
  • A place to share useful blog posts about Reading, English, and Essay tips and tricks.
  • Provides some suggestions for time management to help you determine which strategy is best suited.
  • Ask students to read the passage before answering the question by exploring the content on different websites.

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How to get the best ACT results?

In addition, to get the best score for the ACT exam and increase your chances of competition when applying to the “top” schools, you can apply for tutoring with tutors or study at reputable centers. It is also a great opportunity for you to learn more from the experiences and knowledge of those who have taken the ACT test.

So you already know the top 5 useful ACT exam preparation websites. Hope the above information can help you in your future education path.

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