– ACT (American College Testing) seems familiar to those who are planning to study abroad or are currently residing in the US for being admitted to American universities. So how much ACT score is required?

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How much ACT score is required?

First, you should become familiar with the basics of calculating ACT scores. ACT test consists of 4 parts: English, Math, Reading, and Science, each section will be scored on a scale of 1 – 36 points calculated based on the total number of correct answers, there’s no penalty or point deduction for wrong answers or skipped questions.

The overall score will be added up to your English, Math, Reading, and Science scores and divided by 4 (rounded up to the nearest whole number).

ACT used the grading scale of each test to make all scaled scores comparable even there are differences in exam content or test dates, candidates are still evaluated fairly and accurately.

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This is below a sample ACT raw score conversion grid from the ACT website that you can refer to estimate your score for each test section:

Scale Score English Raw Score Math Raw Score Reading Raw Score Science Raw Score
36 75 59-60 40 40
35 73-74 57-58 39 39
34 71–72 55–56 38 38
33 70 54 37
32 69 53 37
31 68 52 36 36
30 67 50–51 35 35
29 66 49 34 34
28 64–65 47–48 33 33
27 62–63 45–46 32 31–21
26 60–61 43–44 31 30
25 58–59 41–42 30 28–29
15 33–34 15–18 16–17 12
14 30–32 12–14 11 14–15
13 29 10–11 13 9
12 27–28 8–9 11–12 109
11 25–26 6–7 9–10 8
10 23–24 5 8 7


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What is the appropriate ACT score?

After you know how much ACT score is required, find out what score is most suitable for you. Most American universities and colleges recognize ACT as a high-quality entrance assessment standard for admission. To be able to increase your chances of entering the world’s leading prestigious schools such as Harvard University or Columbia University…, you must achieve between 34-36 points. For other universities and colleges around the world, the average ACT score will be used as a measure to compare abilities among registered candidates.

In recent years, the average score has been 20 points or more. So as mentioned above, if you want to be admitted to prestigious schools, your score must at least be in the top 10% (about 29 points or more). The competition between the contestants is extremely close because with only 1 point difference, the greater your chances of being admitted.

Your ACT score is absolutely raised as long as you work hard every day to improve your weaknesses and enhance your strengths, take lots of mock tests or find a tutor or test preparation center to achieve the best result.

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