– Raising ACT scores is actually raising the ACT section scores, you will easily achieve the best results to be able to pass into US universities by selecting ACT preparation materials for each section appropriately and effectively.

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ACT exam structure

The ACT certificate is used to assess the academic ability of students who want to become students at US universities or colleges. Similar to the SAT, the ACT is standardized, and ACT scores are assessed by American universities or colleges to see if the student has the capability for admission according to the criteria study entrance by each school.

The ACT test consists of four compulsory sections and an optional section. Four compulsory sections include English, Math, Reading, and Science. Writing is optional but if you want to impress your university examiner, this is a great opportunity! Exam duration and content in the sections will be:

  • English (45 minutes): Includes 75 multiple-choice questions on punctuation, grammar, and usage, sentence structure, organization, and style.
  • Math (60 minutes): Includes 60 multiple-choice questions on Pre-algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Plane Geometry, and Trigonometry.
  • Reading (35 minutes): Includes 40 multiple-choice questions about four passages: Social Studies, Natural Sciences, Literary Narrative hoặc Prose Fiction, Humanities.
  • Science (35 minutes): Includes 40 multiple-choice questions about Data Representation, Research Summaries, Conflicting Viewpoints.
  • Writing (Optional, 40 minutes): There are 01 given issue and 03 different views on that issue. Candidates present their view on the issue, thereby analyzing the relationship between their view and at least 01 of the 03 points of view given in the Writing part.

Based on information from the ACT sections, here are some ACT preparation materials for each section to help you prepare for the exam easily and achieve the score you want.

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ACT preparation materials for each section

  • English section: The ACT test is not focused on how well your vocabulary is, it focuses on assessing your ability in grammar, sentence structure, and rhetoric. “The Complete Guide to ACT English” book will be the most suitable choice for test-takers who want to target this section preparation. “The Complete Guide to ACT English” covers all the grammar points worth noting and provides great rhetorical topics on the ACT test. It will help you avoid simple to complex mistakes that can be made in exams, practice exercises, and reviews so you can continually test and apply what you have been learning. In addition, “The Complete Guide to ACT English” will be helpful with any level of English, whether basic or advanced.
  • Math section: This section does not cause many difficulties for test-takers because the knowledge revolves around high school Mathematics, the difficulty here is memorizing all the Math formulas and practicing a lot to get familiar with exam questions. If you are having difficulty with ACT Math or are looking for study material to increase your score, the “Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT” will be an extremely suitable book. It covers all ACT Math topics and content and provides the most effective test preparation strategies from high-achieving test-takers. “Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT” is divided into two parts: The first part contains a review of Math topics, for each topic, there is a lesson, practice exercises in multiple-choice format, and answer explanations. The second part contains advice on how to prepare for the exam, how to set appropriate score goals, and corresponding study strategies to achieve them. This book has a pretty high star rating on the Amazon website.
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  • Reading section: Test-takers often have difficulty with the Reading section because they do not know the vocabulary, do not read much, and not yet know how to present their ideas. “The Complete Guide to ACT Reading” contains test-taking strategies and tips that will help you not only increase your speed on the ACT Reading section but also strengthen your logic, reasoning, and comprehension. Time is your “enemy” in this section, to turn “enemies into friends”, you must speed up the time to do the section effectively. The book includes lots of passages and different question types and shows how to identify each question type to get it right and save time. “The Complete Guide to ACT Reading” will help you debunk the harmful myths of reading improperly and rebuild your path to conquering the ACT Reading section.
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  • Science section: Science is quite not familiar for Vietnamese students. It does not completely check test-takers scientific knowledge but also tests their reasoning ability and abilities to read tables. In addition, scientific terminology is also one of the causes of many difficulties. “For the Love of ACT Science” provides key pillars of the scientific method such as hypothesis analysis, experimentation, data collection, numerical and graphical data analysis, and conclusion-drawing.
  • Writing section: ACT Writing can be difficult for test-takers, even those who have learned English well. “The College Panda’s ACT Essay” will be the perfect book to give you everything you want to know about the test. “The College Panda’s ACT Essay” also helps candidates build solid essay structure through sample essays and dives into common test-taking mistakes so you can avoid them. – A place to share all the experiences of Test Prep exams (SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, etc.) for students preparing to study abroad. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via email or hotline for free advice.

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