– You are preparing to take the GRE exam for admission requirements of graduate programs in the US in the natural and social majors (except Medicine, Pharmacy, Law), so what are some effective GRE exam preparation materials?

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To conquer the exam excellently and solve all the pressure before the exam, you need to have some effective GRE exam preparation materials to get you to achieve the desired score.

STT Textbooks Advantages Disadvantages
1 Kaplan GRE Prep Plus 2018
  • Comprehensive knowledge system, more than 2,200 practice questions for each part.
  • Questions come with answers to detailed explanations.
  • Materials include theoretical books, practical exercises, and access to Kaplan’s online learning software.
2 Manhattan GRE prep booklet Composed of 8 books all the topics covered in the GRE include:

  • 1 algebra guide.
  • 1 book of fractions – decimals – and percentages.
  • 1 geometry guide.
  • 1 book on term properties.
  • 1 book explaining problems in vocabulary.
  • 1 book of quantitative comparison and data interpretation.
  • 1 comprehensive textbook.
  • 1 book of complete essays and equivalent sentences.
  • The content is not really comprehensive but is regularly updated.
3 ETS Official Guide to the GRE 2nd edition
  • GRE’s new method of learning words gradually to become familiar with the standard form helps to support the Verbal section.
  • Helps you ensure FOCUS goes to the Official Guide to get familiar with the standard format.
  • Not recommended for candidates for sprint preparation exams.
  • But for those of you who are planning to practice for a long time, this is also a pretty suitable choice.
4 GRE Math Review

  • Help you get familiar with the language and exam structure.
  • Answers exercises make studying math easier.
  • The test assesses the current level and somewhat poor.
5 Greg Math


  • Forum with a rich collection of questions, test preparation videos, many great GRE tips.
  • How to remember long words, shortcuts quickly solve math problems, help all exam problems be answered.
6 App Magoosh


  • Makes learning vocabulary easier through Common & Basic levels.
  • No time constraints, because the app can be used on the phone.

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Besides some effective GRE exam preparation materials, so how to get the highest GRE result?

  • Estimate the number of words to learn, divide the words to learn into groups.
  • Read a lot of articles, textbooks, research papers to increase your academic vocabulary to help you remember longer.
  • Review the basics according to review materials.
  • Do as many exam questions as possible.

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