SSAT – Just like the GRE, to find the suitable GMAT test prep materials can be quite a pickle. That’s why, in order to know how to choose the right GMAT materials, we will show you these wonderful specimens for you to choose for yourself. 


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In order to achieve a high result in the GMAT, you need to know how to choose the right GMAT materials. Through this article, we will provide you with the best GMAT test prep materials in 2021. However, remember that in order to fully exploit the potential of these test prep books then you must have a proper study plan. 

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GMAT test prep materials Price Pros Cons
GMAT Official Guide 2021 About $25 

Complete set:: $81

3 Books + Online Questions bank.

Over 1700 questions from past GMAT exams. Detailed answer Explanation.

Questions indexed and organized in order of difficulty.

Follows the actual GMAT test Pattern.


Does not provide tips, experiences, or strategies

Mostly questions of medium and low difficulty.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guide Set About $130 Consists of 10 guides with 1912 pages + one-year access to online adaptive question banks

Include a strategy guide for all the sections of the GMAT.

The sentence correction strategy guide is a favorite among Indian and International students.

Very few practice questions
Kaplan GMAT Complete 2021 About $50 2000+ practice questions with detailed explanations

6 full online practice tests structured like the real GMAT exam.

Does not get many updates so the practice tests do not reflect the current GMAT test.
PowerScore Bible – Verbal Trilogy About $70 Includes synthesized theories + throughout explanations for each topic No practice questions included
Veritas Prep $250 Includes 12 materials with dedicated and in-depth instructions on the GMAT sections

A large sum of practice questions. Includes difficult and unique practice questions.

High market price
GMAT for Dummies About $25 Text + Strategy (360 pages)

Covers Verbal section, critical reasoning, mathematics, and analytical writing.

Provides information on how to prepare for GMAT, what areas need focusing on, test-taking strategies, etc.

7 Online practice tests


Often used as a reference materials rather than a test prep materials

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All of the GMAT test prep materials listed above have their pros and cons. Therefore, it is essential to understand what your needs are in order to find a study material that is suitable for your academic level. 

Hopefully with what we showed you above, you can finally know how to how to choose the right GMAT materials for yourself

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