– Are you looking for scholarships to high schools in US? You know that most schools require an SSAT certificate as required. You ask yourself is SSAT necessary when studying in US?

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SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is the standardized entrance exam that is almost mandatory in most high schools in US, used to evaluate quantitative reasoning, English proficiency as well as problem solving. These are important and necessary skills that contribute to the students’ success in the higher education levels. But is SSAT necessary when studying in US?

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As we all know, US education system does not have uniformity between states, which also occurs between schools within the same state. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to have a standardized entrance exam assessing the level of student capacity. SSAT is the test to solve this problem and is seen as a general measure for students from different educational backgrounds to study in US high schools.

If in the past, students want to apply to top US schools with only TOEFL score and high GPA score are sufficient, currently the compulsory enrollment conditions have been changed with additional SSAT points. Because many schools in US recognize that with TOEFL score, it only demonstrates the students’ ability to communicate and use English, but does not demonstrate the learning ability to adapt the environment. Therefore, SSAT is considered a “golden key” to open gates to US schools for many international students.

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Another important factor worth considering for early exposure to SSAT is that SSAT is like the first step in your study abroad path and it has many similarities with the higher levels like SAT or ACT. If you have not really wanted to study in high school when you have many concerns and you will choose to study at university in US, SSAT training before then moving to SAT or ACT will be much easier for you. Now that you have answered the question yourself, is SSAT necessary when studying in US?

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