– No matter how carefully they prepare for the SSAT, everyone will make common mistakes during SSAT test. The following are errors resulting from the test taker’s negligence or the pitfalls of the test.

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Learning and training for the SSAT is a challenging process. Losing points due to self-negligence have a high risk, which applies not only to the SSAT but to all other international education qualifications. One thing every student needs to keep in mind is that “my inattention lowers the score”, so you need to avoid common mistakes during the SSAT test.

We will divide the most common mistakes during SSAT test into 3 parts:

  • Mistakes in the Verbal section
    • Misunderstanding the subject: This error is easy to make, especially when worrying. Each test section has detailed instructions, so when doing the test, students should not rush to read the instructions carefully.
    • Confusing vocabulary definitions: In the SSAT, Verbal uses a lot of synonyms and polyonyms, so when they have learned a vocabulary, they need to grasp all the meanings in the context of the vocabulary.

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  • Mistakes in the Quantitative section
    • Forget about formulas: Before entering the exam room, students spent a long time studying the formulas. However, learning through it does not mean they will memorize them. So, in the process of exam preparation and problem-solving, please memorize common formulas to lose score on this test.
    • Not recording homework steps: Sometimes students will make mistakes in mental arithmetic, which will lead to errors that can be easily avoided. In addition, recording the homework steps will help students check their answers more easily and save more time.

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  • Mistakes in the Reading section
    • Poor time management: Reading puts a lot of pressure on candidates with tight work time. With only 40 minutes for the entire Reading test, students will have to complete 40 questions and read nearly 2000 words, test takers only have 1 minute to do one question. So they must have a specific strategy for the section that is appropriate for their own level from the beginning to avoid wasting time and being ineffective.
    • Read the entire text before writing: Many students have a habit of doing the test in order, reading first, and doing the next exercise. While this sounds plausible, it, unfortunately, doesn’t apply to the SSAT test. Reading the text before reading the questions is like looking for a treasure and not knowing what you are looking for.
    • Read too carefully: In almost all Test Prep, students can not have enough time to carefully read each word of the text, but scan synonyms and main ideas of the passage corresponding to the sentence is the best way to find the fastest answer.

Common mistakes during SSAT test have been summarized in detail according to the above sections. Students who only need to remember and practice during the review process will not face unnecessary loss.

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