– Before preparing for the SAT to apply to many universities in the US, you need to know the following information: What sections does SAT test prep consist of? What are the sections about? How to score the SAT? All of which will be addressed down below.

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What is the SAT? Why do universities in the US require it?

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized examination for Universities and Colleges in the US to evaluate applicants’ academic performance. The SAT is designed by the College Board – a prestigious private non-profit organization in the US, representing thousands of colleges, universities, high schools, and many social organizations in America.

Many universities in the US pick the SAT as estimation on whether a candidate is qualified enough to enroll in their school or not, for the SAT focuses on assessing applicants on a wide range of fields: Language, Mathematics, Comprehension, Argumentation. Other than that, SAT is also a prerequisite to help Universities or Colleges choose who deserves to receive scholarships from their schools.

Now, do you know how “how” the SAT is? Let’s find out what sections does SAT test prep consist of for us to be able to form a logical study plan.

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What sections does SAT test prep consist of?

First, you need to know the SAT exam structure. There are 2 exam formats for the SAT:

  • SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I): This is the most common format, with a total of 4 sections: Reading comprehension, Writing and Language, Math, and Essay, which is an optional section.
  • SAT Subject Test (SAT II): Dedicated for specific subjects, such as Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Literature, etc… Designed for competitive students who want to impress prestigious universities as well as gaining scholarships, the SAT II is more valuable if you take it alongside the SAT I.

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Exam structure and content for each section:

Section Number of Questions Time limit Content
Reading 52 Multiple-choice questions 65 Minutes Focusing on test-takers’ understanding of the United States, culture, society, history or social science, and world science.
Writing & Language 44 Multiple-choice questions 35 Minutes Focusing on topics about career, history, social studies, or science. In this section, test takers should focus on utilizing grammar structures, vocabulary, and error correction skills.
Math 20 Questions (No Calculator) 25 Minutes The exam section covers Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Analysis of Statistics
Math 28 Multiple-choice questions và 10 fill in the blank questions (Calculator allowed) 55 Minutes The exam section covers Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Analysis of Statistics
Essay (Optional) 1 Evidence-based essay 50 Minutes Test takers will read a passage and analyze how the author constructs a convincing argument. This will be the part that will help you impress the University or College you want to enroll in.


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