– Upon trying to find SAT self-study methods for beginners, buying self-study books, or looking for the experience of the previous test-takers would be the best options. But which method works best for beginners?

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Should students self-study for the SAT?

The question “Self-studying for the SAT or studying at SAT test prep center, which is better?” is one of the most asked questions. SAT Exam preparation can be very diverse in methods and forms, but there are also scenarios where individuals cannot adopt a certain method of study. For example, learning in an SAT center requires a handsome amount of tuition, which many families fail to meet, while the self-study method is not suitable for students with low self-discipline.

However, each method yield different benefits, for instance, self-study provides freedom in learning. Students who utilize the self-studying method will be free-of-will to consult different materials and learning methods without having to impose on a set format. On the other hand, as most of the students at SAT test prep center are students with average or weak academic performance, so these centers’ job is to help them get back to the basics, assisting them by giving tips and tricks for taking the SAT.

Therefore, the answer to the above question is quite simple believe it or not; as it does not matter which is the better methods for SAT Exam preparation, what truly matters is picking one best suits your academic ability.

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SAT Self-study methods for beginners

  • Determine your current and desired score: Before stepping into SAT itself, you should determine your current SAT score by taking a practice test. Students’ next step is trying to set up a goal by choosing the score you wish to achieve. When there is a goal to strive against your current SAT score, your learning process will be motivated and monitored in great detail.
  1. Quantify your study time: Same with setting the desired SAT score, allocating the time for your study plan also plays an important role. The higher the set goal, the more time will be allocated. They will always be proportional to each other.
  2. Refer reputable books and SAT test prep materials: For any international examination, there are always people passing with flying color and people with tons of experience on the SAT who tend to share their experience with other students on online forums, which you can freely join to accumulate knowledge as well as tips and tricks. Certainly, there will also be certain SAT exam books suggested by many of those who have already prepared for the exam to which you can refer. 
  3. Identify and learn to overcome common mistakes: During the exam preparation process, students should take notes of common mistakes, thereby focusing more on those parts in order to avoid repetition during the real exam. As the SAT has a fixed test structure, so if you practice to the point when you can avoid most of these common mistakes, your SAT score definitely cannot below.
  4. Use the latest practical exercises and test structure: During the self-study process, you will go through a variety of exercises from SAT Test prep books. However, the big problem is that most of the questions in the SAT Test prep books are not the same as the one in the test. They are all either too difficult, or too simple, so it is difficult for students to know what kind of exercise will be on the test. Therefore, you should use the 8 official practice tests provided by the College Board.

Hopefully, with these SAT self-study methods for beginners, students can conduct an SAT study plan more smoothly, reasonably, and effectively. From there, you can achieve the desired achievement.

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